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BOOK REVIEW: Ah Well, Nobody’s Perfect by Molly Meldrum with Jeff Jenkins

| 2 December 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Ah Well, Nobody’s Perfect by Molly Meldrum with Jeff Jenkins

Allen & Unwin
October 2016
Paperback, $34.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar



Molly & Jeff Jenkins promise the “untold stories” in this latest “biography by anecdote” in his rebranding campaign from bumbling lovable eccentric to national treasure, but after two books, a mini series and a biopic, it seems there’s little left to tell that really impresses.

More to the point, the really juicy tales of rock n’ roll decadence are kept private, and instead we’re presented tale after tale of amusing-but-repetitive ‘eccentric Molly’ and ‘he’s a legend’ reminiscences by the great and the good in Molly’s address book.

These tales of Molly’s jet setting lifestyle, temper, fondness for a drink, occasional violent tantrum, rock and sports star name dropping, and the loves of his life are interesting to a point – but only to a point, and with the book overall playing it safe and erring on the side of back slapping they often end up of the ‘you had to be there’ variety.

The end result is just more of the same: a light read highlighting Meldrum’s outrageous behaviour and undeniable influence, but with an overwhelming feeling that ‘what happened at Molly’s place, stays at Molly’s place.’


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