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| 10 August 2022 | Reply

Label: 4031 Records

Release Date: July 8, 2022

Rating: 95%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Forget EVERYTHING you ever heard, learned, or misconceived about Christian Rock.  It’s rock with a message.  All great music has a message… sometimes it is personal, other times it can be misguided, and with Jodi Essex it is spiritual.  But it still rocks and her latest EP is no different.  This six-track collection kicks off with “Offend” and its message of standing up for what you believe in.  The musicianship is awesome on this track (and rest of the collection), but Jodi’s vocals are killer on this track.  With each pass of the verse, I swear I hear nuances of Pat Benatar’s voice on the transition to chorus very reminiscent of “Hell Is For Children.”  Title track “Fearless” is next and with it comes a slightly lighter track and a more focused Essex.  The vocals are delivered with precision and with each enunciation you can feel her truly fearless approach to the music and message.  The layered background vocals are a nice touch on the chorus.  “Unravel” has a different vibe and sound that open the track, but soon that voice enters the musical picture and everything feels right.  This song takes a slight sonic left turn from the rest of the disc, but the lyrics and belief in the messaging and delivery are as strong here as with any song on the disc.  “Lean” swirls the rock vibe from the first couple tracks with the different texture of the previous track and gives us a cool hybrid track that dances underneath Jodi’s vocal, which also has a different grain and grit to it.  The sound is different without detracting from the path cut by the other tracks, especially once the big chorus hits.  “Bandaid” has a heavier vibe woven into it… almost a modern rock radio texture that contrasts the mainstream groove of earlier tracks, but Essex’s use of her vocals corrals the track and helps it fall into line with the other songs on teh disc.  I think this song was built to be played live based on the cadence and flow of the song musically.  Disc closer “Shine” opens with a cool riff and some solid percussion that morphs into a totally different sound (almost ‘island like’) that works in its differences.  As the chorus hits, the contagious and sing-song style lyrics draws you in and begs you to sing along with Jodi one last time… before restarting the disc back at the top once again.  I said it before when I reviewed her disc Irreverent… “Drop your preconceived notions of Christian rock at the door and enjoy about 45 minutes of great rock that just may speak to you in more than one way… I know it did me.”  Stands true a couple years later with this EP release as well.

Tracklisting: Offend – Fearless – Unravel – Lean – Bandaid – Shine







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