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| 18 August 2022 | Reply

Label: The Players Group / Mascot Label Group

Release Date: August 19, 2022

Rating: 95%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release: “If you’ve listened to music in the last 50 years, including any of the iconic artists above, you were hearing David Paich. Music is the soundtrack of our lives, and David is one of its architects.”  The latest musical installment from Paich is his solo debut titled “Forgotten Toys.”  This collection sees him visiting some old songs that never got the attention they deserved or saw the light of day for one reason or another.  Disc opener “Forward” is the first of two bookend instrumentals on the collection.  The short interlude is less musical and more of a proclamation of what is to come… while you might be bracing for something expected or specific, beware what lay at the bottom of the musical toy chest David is opening.  “willibelongtoyou” is a track that might be exactly what you expect from the performer, but the addition of guitarist Steve Lukather and singer Joseph Williams creates a Toto groove by default.  The vocals on this are as strong as any on this disc or in Paich’s extensive catalog and the piano / keyboard piece that is eloquently draped across the bridge and outro are amazing, especially when the guitars and vocal snippets join the fray on the former.  “Spirit Of The Moonrise” is a cool rocker that features longtime friend and bandmate Lukather on guitars and helps offset the vibe slightly from the expected and aids David in creating something that is as similar as it is different.  The chugging rhythm supported by the vocals and piano counterpart gives the track added depth and dimension.  “First Time” is a left turn for Paich with a ballad-like track that has some cool rock components, a bit of a progressive feel, and of course the familiar sound of his vocals (a leopard can’t change his spots).  The almost ethereal feel and groove created by the keyboards and instrumentation under the vocals gives this a cool landscape to build upon and David nails it.  The layered female vocal on the chorus is a cool addition.

“Queen Charade” finds Don Felder accompanying on a song that has an arena feel to it and drags in some fun nuances not normally associated with Paich, especially the addition of some harmonica in the mix.  The piano takes on a rock n blues boogie woogie sound that permeates the song and pairs well against the classic rock sound of the guitars through the verses and chorus.  “All The Tears” is the most diverse and one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  While clocking in at almost 5-1/2 minutes, you never feel like you are lost in the music or a loop.  The heavier vocal that rides a lower register and deeper (yet not darker) vein is a game changer in the overall expectation.  The melody is rich and contagious, even when the overall sound takes you to another place.  I would love to witness this track played live in a darkened venue with nothing but instrumentation, piano, and vocals swirling through the air with the din of the crowd and David on display as he plays his heart out for this emotional delivery.  Disc closer “Lucy” is a beautifully constructed instrumental that leads us out on a longer journey than the short intro gave us.  The piece injects us with a jazz experience that swirls in the different textures from Paich’s catalog but leans on that jazz feel.  The energy within the track keeps the foot tapping and makes me yearn for more.  As stated and recapped in the press release, “Music is the soundtrack of our life. For David, music is much more than the soundtrack of his life. As one of its architects, it is his life.”  What a soundtrack he has created and now expanded upon!!

Tracklisting: Forward – willibelongtoyou – Spirit Of The Moonrise – First Time – Queen Charade – All The Tears – Lucy





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