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| 14 July 2022 | Reply

Label: Magnetic Moon

Release Date: July 15, 2022

Rating: 94%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another fresh and new to me artist Alicia Blue is dropping an EP with five great songs that spread her musical talent across the various tracks in different ways.  Disc opener “Dog Days in LA” is more of a singer-songwriter style track with her slightly ethereal vocals draped across an acoustic guitar that helps carry the track from open to close.  While sonically tame, the lyric and overall vibe is catchy.  “Saline Waters” delivers a full band sound with some electric guitars, thick bass on the bottom end that is perfectly anchored with some slightly heavy handed drumming.  The vocal is cool and perfectly paired to the musical accompaniment.  The chorus has a cool hook that gets you singing along more and more with each pass through the track.  “DTMTS (Don’t Tell Me to Smile)” unfolds with a different guitar sound from the last track and a more chill vibe woven into the tracks DNA.  This is the track that grabbed my attention on first listen to the EP and reminds me of a poppier young Liz Phair both in attitude, but nuance and song structure… and I love to listen to some early Liz Phair.  “Fine” is a simpler rocker at its roots, but the song continues the vibe and feel from the previous track with a chorus that is contagious as hell and fun to sing along with.  The transition from verse to chorus and back again have a plethora of hidden guitar sounds and prepares you nicely for what is to come at you within seconds.  Disc closer “Dirty Hippie” is another sound and groove from Blue that swerves left without deviating from the roadmap cut by the rest of the tracks so far.  The percussion is fun and light, creating the perfect storm when swirled with the bass and guitars in the mix.  The vocals show a bit of Alicia’s upper register and pop sensibility – both good things.  If this EP is any indication, there should be more great music coming from the artist and while I wait for that, I hope to check these songs out in a live scenario some time soon.

Tracklisting: Dog Days in LA – Saline Waters – DTMTS (Don’t Tell Me to Smile) – Fine – Dirty Hippie







Category: CD Reviews

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