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| 30 April 2022 | Reply

Label: Spinefarm Records

Release Date: April 15, 2022

Rating: 96%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

According to a recent press release, for their latest release Stone Broken decided it was time to turn up the volume — to build on past glories with the intention of making everything bigger, bolder, and the best version of Stone Broken there has been. Disc opener “Black Sunrise” does exactly that with a rocker that has crunchy guitar riffs, a heavy-handed bottom end, and some killer vocals all swirled together recalling a few of my favorite vocalists and bands. The song is contagious and gets you headbanging in your car or in my case in the office. “The Devil You Know” keeps the rock vibe intact and more importantly the head banging. This one has a mainstream vocal texture that combines perfectly with the riffs and the solid bottom end that features the bass lines in the mix.  The chorus draws you in and gets you singing along before the first pass is done. “Make It Out Alive” slows things down a bit at the intro and through the first verse allowing you to not only catch your breath but to really check out the vocals as well as the way the rest of the band works together in creating a solid rock sound that in the foundation for the rest of the disc on rockers, ballad-like tracks, and everything in between.  “Without A Reason” is another standout on the disc that engaged me from first note until the last. The vocals are cool and are well structured, but the guitar work on this one from the chugging riff during the verse and chorus to the amazing solo that soars over the tracks bridge help push this one over the top. “Stronger” delivers a great rock radio track that rides the line between rocker and ballad. The guitars swirl perfectly with the guitars in the mix while the bass and drums provide a solid platform for the song. The different sounds woven together in the song keep you listening with each pass of the song. This gets an extra listen each time I put the disc on. Disc closer “Gimme Some More” is a perfect bookend for the eleven song package the band put together with a groove and feel that takes us back to the opening track without sounding overdone. The bottom end supports without being too heavy, the guitars sear through the sound without taking over, and the vocals take it on home giving you one more reason to run out and grab this disc.

Title track “Revelation” dials everything up a notch without getting too heavy, over the top, or aggressive. The overall vibe of the track permeates the rest of the disc. The vocals are cool and have a great layered texture at the chorus that gives the song punch and depth. There is something familiar about the track that allows you to embrace the sound from the first listen. “Me Without You” is one of my favorite power ballads currently. The vocals are emotionally driven and are perfectly supported by the musical interlude that rides gently underneath. Don’t be fooled by the stripped back sound of this one as the lyrics are as powerful and impactful as any other song on this disc. This one created one of the gentlest headbanging sessions I have had while listening to music in the office in a long time. “Over The Line” has a cool melody that is carried perfectly by the guitars and vocals, but the layered musical enhancements and nuances that add punch to the drums and basslines give the song a bit of a different feel. The layered vocals on the chorus are a great touch to help differentiate the track slightly from the others on the collection. “This Revival” jumped out at me thanks to the solid cadence and rhythm provided by the drums that anchors the track without dragging it down. The vocals are highlighted throughout the song thanks to the different textures, layers, and overall delivery. “So Damn Easy” is another homerun for the band in that they have taken the various sounds from the rest of the disc and tossed them together to deliver a great song that has a different tempo and overall vibe without deviating from the musical landscape created by the other songs. This one should go over well if added to the bands live set when they get out to tour this record. Sorry, gotta run and kick this disc back to the beginning and enjoy it one more time… well, not just ONE more time.

Tracklisting: Black Sunrise – The Devil You Know – Revelation – Make It Out Alive – Me Without You – Without A Reason – Over The Line – Stronger – This Revival – So Damn Easy – Gimme Some More

Lineup: Rich Moss (vocals / guitar) – Robyn Haycock (drums / vocals) – Chris Davis (guitars) – Kieron Conroy (bass)







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