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| 11 March 2022 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Rating: 83%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Sometimes you need to just let go and enjoy something fun that strays from your normal musical avenue, even if it just seems to deviate.  The upcoming EP from Sophia Marie is one of those times.  The EP is short, but strikes hard and fast.  Disc opener “Venice Beach To D.C.” is a cool pop track that has great musical DNA with a rock groove and beat underneath the vibe and tongue in cheek lyrics.  The vocals get fun as she tosses in some attitude and a slight growl at times on the choruses.  While there are passing comparisons made to Legally Blonde, this is literally a 3:13 sonic cliff notes version.  “Narcissist” opens slowly with some guitar work and keyboards, and even a sound that calls to mind a slide guitar.  The overall groove of this track is a bit darker and a hell of a lot moodier than the opener, but one listen through the lyrics and you get it.  While the hurt and wound may be fresher for Sophia, we all have the narcissist in our history that deserves to hear this song.  Closer and title track “Foreigner” swirls the two previous tracks together sonically, with a darker and more repressed sounding track through the intro and verse, but seemingly rips the covers off and picks up the tempo, the energy, and the attitude as the chorus hits.  While very short, the disc is a fun listen that allows you to forget everything for a few minutes and just let go under the pop punk shelter of the songs.

Tracklisting: Venice Beach To D.C. – Narcissist – Foreigner




Category: CD Reviews

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