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BOOK REVIEW: There’s a Ghost in This House by Oliver Jeffers

| 5 October 2021 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: There’s a Ghost in This House by Oliver Jeffers

Harper Collins
October 2021
Hardcover, $29.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Picture Book / Mixed Media / Pantomime

85% Rocking

A captivating new picture book with interactive transparent pages, from world-renowned artist Oliver Jeffers.

Hello, come in.
Maybe you can help me?

A young girl lives in a haunted house, but has never seen a ghost. Are they white with holes for eyes? Are they hard to see? She’d love to know! Step inside and turn the transparent pages to help her on an entertaining ghost hunt, from behind the sofa, right up to the attic. With lots of friendly ghost surprises and incredible mixed media illustrations, this unique and funny book will entertain young readers over and over again



Have you ever seen a ghost?
Do you know what they look like?
Do they only go in the rooms where the lights don’t work?
Do they only come out at night?

As always, Oliver Jeffers DELIVERS.

This is a gorgeous, mixed-media picture book, with illustrations added to photographs of an old-timey Victorian-style mansion, with somewhat transparent overlay pages that encourage a rather pantomime like reading experience.

The main character spends her times looking for ghosts in her house, and the reader can look at places in the image where they think ghosts might be hiding, before turning the overlay and discovering their hiding spots. This encourages an interactive reading experience, with young readers wanting to call out “they’re BEHIND you” as the character searches high and low for ghosts.

As an artist, I personally love the style of using found media and adding a story to it, which is something we’ve been seeing a lot of on social media lately, with people buying thrift-shop paintings and adding wacky features that are so out of line with the original image.

A must have for all Jeffers’ fans, and a great book to read aloud with young kids, leading to a more interactive reading experience all around.

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