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Label: Golden Robot Records

Release Date: April 23, 2021

Rating: 88%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Gilby Clarke is one of those performers that is solid and consistent, if nothing else.  The latest disc of ten rockers is no exception.  Disc opener and title track “The Gospel Truth” gets things underway with a chugging bottom end that carries the cadence and flow of the track underneath Gilby’s vocals and guitars.  The song sets the pace for the disc and we get another killer Clarke classic for the playlist.  “Wayfarer” continues the heavy thumping bottom end driving a track, but this one slows the tempo and delivers more of a jazz inspired rock tune that benefits from Clarke’s vocals and his ability to morph into different rock subgenres sonically.  “Rock N’ Roll Is Getting Louder” is one of the chosen singles from the disc and from the minute the song kicks in you understand why.  The contagious rhythm of the track swirled with Gilby’s vocals draws you in and gets you singing along.  Most of the songs on the collection don’t stray from the recipe Clarke has perfected for his sound and style, and this song is no different.  This does have one of my favorite solos of the collection on the bridge.  “Violation” has a cool rock and roll vibe woven throughout if, from the jumping guitar riff to the piano intertwined in the musical accompaniment to the slight shift in the vocals, thanks to a heavily layered gang-style vocal on the chorus.  This one gets the foot tapping while you listen along.  I dig the throwback guitar sound, piano piece, and repetitive vocal that comprises the songs outro.  “Dangerous Sin” has a slightly slower tempo that seems to accentuate the droning pace of the bass and the guitar chords and riffs that make up the musical accompaniment through the verses.  The rhythm is solid and gets you tapping along without being overpowering.

“Tightwad” opens with a charging guitar lick and is soon joined by a thumping bass line and some percussion with pop, courtesy of guests Nikki Sixx and Stephen Perkins, respectively.  The song churns along and flows with consistency and gets the head banging from the first notes and keeps you engaged until the final note sounds.  “Wise Old Timer” has a hypnotic guitar riff that starts the track off, but soon a tempered bass line and drumming helps anchor and drive the song underneath the vocals.  The song fits the mold of the other songs here, but seems different in some way as the song progresses.  The riff that marries the end of the chorus to the verse is an interesting twist on the track that catches the ear.  “The Ending” is another track that helps tie The Gospel Truth to Gilby’s discography.  This song sounds like is could have been pulled from a few of his various releases in the past.  The guitars and bass sound remind me of a lot of track on his self-titled release of a few years ago (actually from 2007… God has it been that long?).  If nothing else, Gilby proves that he can run with what works and avoid fads and genres.  “Rusted N Busted” is an interesting track, in that is comes across the speakers and has a demo like sound that compliments Clarke’s vocals.  The songs rhythm and style lends itself to a live scenario and should go over well with crowds in venues, thanks to the call out and interaction splayed in the middle of the track before the bridge.  Disc closer “She Won’t Fight Fair” helps tie everything together with a song that brings different sounds and styles from across the disc and blends them all together from different cadences and layers to the various vocals textures and even guitar sounds.  The percussion fills that lead to the bridge are interesting and the solo on the bridge itself is worth the price of admission.  Can’t wait to see what Gilby does with this material and hopefully tours it at some point.

Tracklisting: The Gospel Truth – Wayfarer – Tightwad – Rock N’ Roll Is Getting Louder – Wise Old Timer – Violation – The Ending – Dangerous Sin – Rusted N Busted – She Won’t Fight Fair





Category: CD Reviews

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