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LEVARA Debut Brand New Single/Video: “Ever Enough”

| 23 March 2021 | Reply
LEVARA and Mascot Records present “Ever Enough,” the fourth song and accompanying music video from the band’s debut studio album coming May 14, 2021.  To view, please click here:
Drummer Josh Devine reveals, “’Ever Enough’ was the first song we tracked and finished in the studio. It really set the bar and the tone for the whole album of what we wanted to achieve.” 
Singer Jules Galli shares, ”Loving someone isn’t always romance and beauty. It can be messy, and painfully imperfect. ‘Ever Enough’ is about a plead to understand what’s missing, what needs fixing for things to feel good again. Is it ever enough for you? My favorite part of this song is the call and response chorus and I can’t wait to perform it live, with the audience singing back to us “is it ever enough?!”. Hopefully sooner than later.”  Guitarist Trev Lukather reflects, “The song was written during some tension within the band. Tension is inevitable in any band and especially when you feel the pressures of writing your debut album. I believe tension is a good thing at times of creativity. This song poured out of us and it was like a rebirth. One of my faves on the album and no doubt my favorite guitar solo.”
Late last year, “Heaven Knows” was the first reveal of the band’s repertoire. The accompanying video can be screened here:  Second, “Chameleon” followed: in front of the lead single, “Automatic: The pre-order for the band’s debut album lives here:  The single has found strong support at radio in the U.K., France, Germany, and other territories across the globe, and continues to build in to the album release.  Combined views of the music videos above are approaching 200,000 views.  All four of these clips were produced and directed by Jake Hays and Olivia DeLaurentis.  
With “Automatic,” guitarist Lukather offers, “It is the song that started it all for us as LEVARA.  This song set the standard for the album, and really solidified the sound that we would run with throughout the debut album.  It elevated us into a whole new universe and we couldn’t be more grateful. It’s everything we are as a band – Anthemic, massive drums, epic fills, loud guitars, soaring solos, huge vocals, unreal high notes, strong melodies and a hook that you can’t get out of your head.  This is our main single and this is the true beginning of what’s to come. Can’t wait.”  Singer Galli adds, “Automatic is about the magic in a moment. The way this song was born in the green room of a Foreigner show we were opening for, to getting a record deal, and finally releasing it to The World as LEVARA…So much has happened since the creation of this anthem. I mean, we were a different band before we wrote it! It’s incredible what a song can do. I hope it means as much to our fans as it does to us.” Drummer Devine shares, “’Automatic’ was the definite pivotal point that changed everything for us as a band, it just had this extra ‘it factor’ that we had been searching for when finding our voice as a band, while still holding true to the sonic elements that created LEVARA. This is the beginning! We’re excited for everyone to start this journey with us!  And, for those already listening, sharing, and being a part of this journey, we could not be more thankful than we are for your support. Over time, we plan on reaching every corner of the globe to perform these songs.”
In front of the release of “Chameleon,” Trev Lukather offered, “The video we made for ‘Chameleon’ shows how we all blend together. We all have our unique qualities and they are beautiful, we are beautiful. Truly showing we are one race, the human race. We had our close friends from all different backgrounds come by and sing a pass through the song. No direction other than sing along and be you. The song brought nothing but connection, happiness and love out of everyone that took the time to be a part of it. You can clearly see that in the video.”  
Trev Lukather, Jules Galli and Josh Devine forged their musical union in Los Angeles, one of The World’s epicenters of musical creativity. Singer Galli had relocated to California from France, while drummer Devine chose L.A. as home versus his native United Kingdom following success behind the kit with One Direction. There they found common vision with guitarist Trev Lukather.  On some level these three players believe the universe brought them together. 
Prior to recording their debut, the band toured the United States several times alongside staging a run that brought them across Europe.  In Early 2020, they began their collaboration with Producer Ethan Kaufmann at Elephant In The Room Studios in East Hollywood. The album unequivocally captured the magic they sought to see take life. 
“I believe LEVARA is a band that can spark an influence for young kids and people of all ages to pick up an instrument and feel that connection,” Trev concludes. “At the same time of singing along to anthemic, feel-good, and emotional tunes, you can incorporate the heart and soul that started music in the first place. We want to inspire our generation and the next to want to pick up a guitar, pick up a bass, pick up drum sticks, or go for those high notes vocally.  I feel there is a need for epic ‘pop’ tunes to have that musicianship behind them like the classic bands we all love and admire. I believe we accomplished that with our album. If we can influence that in any way, we are winning.”
The band’s e-commerce store has opened, with initial t-shirt designs now available here:


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