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| 18 February 2021 | Reply

A look back at some memorable rock games

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Rock music lovers are a diverse bunch full of a range of different interests alongside their love of rock n’ roll music. The same applies to music fans of other genres too, although one look at festival-goers attending a rock or metal bonanza and you’ll realise rock fans generally consist of a wide variety of interesting people.

One popular interest for many fans of rock is gaming. In fact, gaming is a popular activity for so many people around the globe. There’s practically a gaming creation for everyone these days also, all capable of being enjoyed on a variety of different devices too. Games like Pokemon Go have been massive on mobile recently, alongside the opportunity to play hundreds of exciting casino games, plus the option of trying out humongous sports games like FIFA 21 and hugely adored creations like Minecraft. There’s an array of games for rock lovers, too. Numerous games developers have attempted to cater towards the genre. Some have failed massively, while others have registered huge success.

With several memorable games for rock fans being released over the years, here’s a look at some of the best of them.

Guitar Hero

Admittedly, Guitar Hero isn’t for everyone, but some people couldn’t get enough of it. The opportunity to experience the thrill of playing to a live audience was too hard for some music lovers to turn down, with the iconic guitar-shaped controller winning many rock fans over. Created in 2005 by RedOctane and Harmonix, Guitar Hero was a game-changer for the industry and started a trend of numerous music games entering the scene. Guitar Hero is still regarded as being one of the main players in the rock gaming scene, though. Some even credit the game with the rise in popularity of air guitar solos.

Rock and Roll Racing

It’s in the name, but the 1993 release of Rock and Roll Racing went down a treat with fans of the music. Featuring heavily-armed tiny cars all desperate to blow each other up, this was a destruction derby game like no other, especially as it featured some memorable hits in the background along the way, such as “Paranoid” and “Born To Be Wild”.

Rock Band

Released in 2007, Rock Band is a truly iconic game for many growing up in recent times. Giving gamers the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be in a band, Rock Band featured an array of familiar tracks from the likes of Metallica and The Rolling Stones as people strived to play along correctly to some of music’s most famous and most popular tracks. The game isn’t around anymore, sadly, but Rock Band certainly paved the way for some familiar games of its type today.


The Beatles: Rock Band

We highlighted Rock Band’s influence above and The Beatles: Rock Band is a perfect example of this. One of the best ever bands to grace our planet, fans of The Beatles could play along to memorable tracks, including the likes of “A Hard Day’s Night” to “Can’t Buy Me Love”, in what is an entertaining release. The game didn’t register the success many expected it too, though.(Image via


You could play Rocksmith using a normal guitar. Yes, that’s right, any guitar with a standard quarter-inch jack on the end would suffice. A guitar teaching game, Rocksmith set players various challenges as they aimed to master various riffs and replicate some of their heroes’ guitar-playing skills. Considering you could use a real instrument to play Rocksmith, we couldn’t leave this game out.

Other memorable rock games include Crüe Ball, Revolution X and Audiosurf.

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