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| 12 February 2021 | Reply

Label: Rockshots Records

Release Date: February 12, 2021

Rating: 91%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Another new artist hit my radar recently and I checked them out based on the fact they are an Italian rock band.  Anyone who knows me knows I traveled to Milan just to catch a show from Italian rock legend Ligabue.  There is something about Italian rockers that strikes deep in my heart and musical soul.  Disc opener “Walking Backwards” kicks off and sets the bar high for the rest of the tracks.  The swirl of guitars and keyboards in the mix atop the solid rhythm section is the perfect foundation from the familiar yet unknown vocals of Ricky DC.  The song has a contagious groove that gets the foot tapping and begs you to sing along before you finish the first chorus.  “On Black Clouds” dials in a different vibe, but still delivers a cool rock track that sits shoulder to shoulder with the other tracks on this disc.  The chorus has a cool wall of sound feel to it thanks to the big vocals and the riff from the guitar tandem of Diego Angeli and Francesco Poggi that permeates the entire track.  “Damn Wrong” opens with a cool piano interlude that swells and flows with the vocals and rhythm section.  The guitars swirl in and help build the fabric of the track.  I find myself coming back to this ballad time and time again, due to the layered vocals and ethereal vibe of the musical component.  “Fearless” is another standout track that has a familiar feel to it that lends itself to a symphonic groove without going overboard.  The vocals stand out nicely above the swirl of guitars and keyboards, while the bass and drums keep the song anchored when it sounds as if it is readying to take off at the chorus.  This one gets the head and foot going from open to close.  Disc closer “Involved-Bored” takes a different approach and delivers a different sound and feel to the collection.  The 

“Dead In August” unfolds slowly, but soon morphs into a cool song that has a great bass intro from Matteo Malmusi and some fun percussion fills and parts from drummer Andrew Gunner.  The chugging riff in the transitions and bridge help fill out the tracks sound.  The band comes together by the second verse and the song really comes to life.  “Shine” comes at you from the onset and ties together the different sounds and textures on the disc.  The vocal is great and get you to sing along on the first listen through.  This song adds to the catchy musical arsenal the band is building.  The keyboards, courtesy of Simone Pedrazzi, on the intro and woven into the track’s DNA add a punch to the track and disc.  “Lower The Wires” is a straight-ahead rocker that benefits from heavy handed drumming, chugging riffs, and perfect support from the bass and keyboards.  Ricky’s vocals take control and help steer this song without overpowering the mix or groove of the track.  “Disheartened” brings yet another sound and feel to the disc without compromising the formula the band pulled together on this release.  The shaded vocals on the verse add a different texture without detracting the from songs over all sound.

Tracklisting: Walking Backwards – On Black Clouds – Dead In August – Damn Wrong – Shine – Fearless – Lower The Wires – Disheartened – Involved-Bored

Line-up: Ricky DC (vocals) – Francesco Poggi (guitars) – Simone Pedrazzi (keyboards) – Matteo Malmusi (bass) – Andrew Gunner (drums)






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