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MUSIC REVIEW: W.E.T. – Retransmission

| 23 January 2021 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: January 22, 2021

Rating: 100%

Reviewer: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

W.E.T. hit my radar with their debut release thanks to the association with Jeff Scott Soto and Talisman, but with each releases this band burrows deeper into my musical catalog and has developed a stronghold.  These guys are the definition of melodic rock over the last decade.  Disc opener “Big Boys Don’t Cry” has those big guitar parts, the lofty keyboards, and the solid rhythm section we have come to love and expect from the band, but the vocals on this track take it to the next level.  With Erik Mårtensson kicking it off and Soto jumping into the fray, they have created a cool vocal tradeoff through the verses that elevate the playing field.  This song sees the group firing on all six cylinders.  “The Moment Of Truth” comes behind and keeps the sound and energy up, but comes at us slightly different sonically, especially at the verses.  The bottom end courtesy of drummer Robban Bäck and Andreas Passmark’s bass lines keep the song chugging along, even when the keyboards, guitars, and vocals swirl in the mix and ready the track for flight.  Be sure to check out Magnus Henriksson’s guitar work on the bridge.  “Got To Be About Love” starts up with the layered guitars and Robert Säll’s keyboard that combine to provide the perfect foundation for this track.  The vocals kick in, as well as the rhythm section, and we are off and running.  This track is one of my favorite from a lyrical standpoint as it delivers an important message after the year we have all faced.  The spirit of this track helps tie this release to the bands debut and the track “One Love.”  This one will be on repeat for a while.  “How Far To Babylon” is another track that echoes where the band has been, as it could have been recorded and placed on the debut or follow up Rise Up, yet has an almost tribal groove that seems different from other material at the same time, showing the bands growth as a unit.  “What Are You Waiting For” is one of those tracks you just wait for when JSS is involved in a project.  The guy has perfected his delivery of a ballad, especially when it makes him reach into the upper reaches of his range.  This is a song I could go back to time and time again and pick up new nuances from background vocals to guitar sounds to percussion add ins.  Disc closer “One Final Kiss” opens with a great riff and builds from there, with keyboards, vocals, drums, and bass adding to the mix and giving the disc a great send off while prompting you to restart this disc again… and again… and again.  The lead vocal is punctuated by the background vocals on the chorus, giving the song depth and a slightly different sound and vibe than some of the other songs, without deviating form the bands musical formula.

“The Call Of The Wild” unfolds with a different sound and vibe to open, but we are quickly snapped back into the W.E.T. world with chugging riffs and some phenomenal keyboard, pounding drums, thunderous bass lines, and THE VOICE.  Soto knocks it out of the park on this track and gets you singing along before you get through the first chorus… and we cannot ignore the layered accent vocals in the verses that grab your attention.  “Beautiful Game” is a solid rock track from start to finish that has flourishes and flashes not only from the band collectively, but from their individual contributions, and even show off the influence of 80’s rock and metal.  The pace and cadence are hectic and fun while the chorus and vibe of the track overall are contagious.  “Coming Home” starts off  and I don’t realize I am still listening to W.E.T., as the musical landscape seems different.  As the song unwinds, this keyboard driven track has a bunch of cool moments strung together, allowing us to enjoy some great percussion fills, solid keyboard sound, killer guitar work, and some great layered vocals that raise the bar.  “You Better Believe It” is another contagious song that offers searing licks and riffs, killer lead vocals, and some great layered background and nuance vocals that pepper the intro and chorus.  The tempo flows and keeps the song on track.  The tandem guitar sound that takes us from the chorus to and through the bridge has a cool rock sound that rivals just about any other riff on the disc.  “How Do I Know” let’s Soto flex his vocal muscles while the collective blend of Erik Mårtensson, Robert Säll, and Magnus Henriksson on guitars and keyboard add punch to the track through the verses, chorus, and seem to increase in intensity on the bridge.  Each track on this collection is a winner and offers familiarity while giving us something new at the same time.  We are only three weeks into the new year, but this is the disc to beat thus far.

Tracklisting: Big Boys Don’t Cry – The Moment Of Truth – The Call Of The Wild – Got To Be About Love – Beautiful Game – How Far To Babylon – Coming Home – What Are You Waiting For – You Better Believe It – How Do I Know – One Final Kiss

Line-up: Jeff Scott Soto (vocals) –  Erik Mårtensson (guitars, keyboards, vocals) – Robert Säll (keyboards, guitar) – Magnus Henriksson (lead guitar) – Andreas Passmark (bass) – Robban Bäck (drums)




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