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MUSIC REVIEW: STATIC-X – Project: Regeneration Vol. 1

| 8 August 2020 | Reply

Label: Otsego Entertainment Group

Release Date: July 10, 2020

Rating: 86%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There was a lot of excitement around a regrouped Static-X a couple years ago, but the obvious questions loomed… how do you pursue such an undertaking when the lyricist and frontman of the band has passed on?  You recruit a new singer that not only was a friend of Wayne Wells Static, but also yearns to help carry the torch lit years ago when four musicians came together and created something special.  After touring what do you do next?  You unearth older vocal and programming tracks and breath new life and instrumentation into them as well as craft newer tracks that fit the vein of the classic and newly discovered tracks. Disc opener and title track “Regeneration” takes us into the journey with some programming and a vibe that helps bridge the old with the new.  “Hollow (Project Regeneration)” is one of those tracks that equal parts classic Static-X, with lyrics and vocals from Wayne himself.  The song reverberates with me with each listen; there is something about the sequencing and contagious cadence with the vocals that draws you in from the moment the song takes off.  “Terminator Oscillator” is the first track to feature Xero shining in his own light as lead singer while properly supported by the band mates that brought him along for this ride.  The vibe of this track is a bit darker and heavier, but the sequencing allows it to sit between other tracks, not only on this disc, but within the confines of the Static-X catalog.  The chugging riff from Koichi Fukuda helps tie this one together.  “Accelerate” unfolds with a different vibe and sound, but soon morphs to fit the mold cut by the previous offerings in the Static-X catalog.  The vocals provided by Xero, while sounding different than other tracks the band has produced over the years, it fits the overall vibe of the project.  The programming is cool and keeps things ebbing and flowing with the rhythm of the disc.  “My Destruction” is another track that features a hybrid classic / new Static-X sound, thanks to a different programming style and vocal from Xero and a solid backline from original members Campos, Jay, and Fukuda, who provide the classic vibe in the mix.  There is something about the bass lines in this track that stand out to me.  “Otsego Placebo” opens like a different tune sonically, as the programming kicks off, but soon the songs twists and the result is definitely a Static-X track.  The vocals are solid and deliver a heavier vibe than a lot of the material.  The guitars and rhythm section provide the landscape over which the programming and vocals run rampant.

“Worth Dyin For” is an interesting hybrid on the disc, as it takes lyrics written by Wayne, but the vocals feature an interesting duet of Static and Xero.  The driving bottom end from Tony Campos keeps the song anchored while Ken Jay’s drums provide a killer foundation for the song.  This song has elements of rock, metal, and even some contagious main stream vibe tossed in for good measure.  “All These Years” is another track featuring unearthed lyrics and vocals, which sound like classic Wayne and rank up there with any of his performance in my opinion.  The swirl of Fukuda’s guitars on this track adds a bit of stability in the mix, while the rhythm section anchors the track and keeps it from running away with itself.  “Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)” comes straight at you from the second the programming and percussion hits, and the song doesn’t let up for its duration.  The vocals take on an eerie vibe, but it adds to the track and disc overall.  “Something of My Own (Project Regeneration)” is a cool track that has a great groove woven into the songs DNA and helps bridge the two eras of the band, with vocals that run closer to the newer material than the classic, showing the diversity Wayne offered back in the day.  “Follow” is another track to feature both vocalists on the same track and help draw us closer to the discs final song.  The programming is solid and is the perfect accompaniment of the song.  The swirl of classic and modern is contagious and produces a song that lends itself to a modern radio sound.  Disc closer “Dead Souls” is a special track that features Wayne Static in a duet with Ministry’s Al Jorgensen on lyrics constructed by Static and Xero.  The song showcases a slightly different feel of the band without compromising the sound and vibe of the band or the disc.  The real takeaway on this release, and a perceived Vol. 2 is the care the original band members and new frontman took with the material, the legacy, and most importantly, the spirit of the band and Wells’ contribution to the past, present, and influence on the future.

Tracklisting: Regeneration – Hollow (Project Regeneration) – Worth Dyin For – Terminator Oscillator – All These Years – Accelerate – Bring You Down (Project Regeneration) – My Destruction – Something of My Own (Project Regeneration) – Otsego Placebo – Follow – Dead Souls

Lineup: Tony Campos (bass) – Ken Jay (drums) – Koichi Fukuda (guitars, programming) – Wayne Wells Static (vocals, programming) – Xero (vocals, guitar, programming)






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