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MUSIC REVIEW: DELTAPHONIC – The Funk, The Soul, & The Holy Groove

Label: Independent

Release Date: April 10, 2020

Rating: 80%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Blues isn’t normal listening fare for me, but I dig some funk, especially if there are a few twists and turns tossed in for good measure.  After reading a press release and hearing about the latest from Deltaphonic, figured I would give it a spin.  Disc opener “Liars” opens fast and furious with a cool guttural vocal that is enhanced with a great funk laced musical component.  The vocals on this one pull me in time and time again, with the contrasting sounds and delivery of accusatory lyrics.  “Ghosts” has a totally different sound and feel from the opening track, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  The shift in tempo and groove within the track adds diversity to the tracks.  “Starlit” is a cool R&B laced track that drew me in from first listen.  The track has a 70’s yacht rock vibe to it that helps it to stand out.  The texture of the musical component is a perfect foundation for the lead vocal.  This one is my favorite to listen to each time I play through the disc.  “If It Don’t Bleed” is a cool blues rocker that brings together the vocals and guitar for a great sound that builds through the verse until the drums join the fray, only to back off and then rebuild with a slightly different vibe as the bridge transitions to the next verse.  “Mississippi” slows the pace and tempo of the disc slightly and leans heavily on the blues vibe of the players.  The track rolls at you as slowly as I imagine a drink goes down sitting waterside on the actual Mississippi. The guitars pull back to allow the vocals to take you on a journey.

“Bad People” keeps the groove mellow and the cadence subdued.  The guitar work stands out and blends well with the lead vocals in the mix.  This song shows off the bluesier side of the band.  The subtle hints of slide guitar are a nice touch on this track.  “New Mexican Rockstar” kicked off and I didn’t know if I was listening to a lost 50’s rocker or something from 2020… and that’s a cool thing.  The guitar work is great on this track and really makes an impact without searing and soaring fret work.  The laid back vocals on this one also add punch without being extreme.  “Don’t Have To Be Good” comes straight at you like a rock track should.  The guitars and rhythm section are merged perfectly and the vibe scream Zeppelin to me.  The vocals and music swirl together and build a cool groove that presents a great blues rock song, reminiscent of early 70’s stuff.  “The Denouement” pulls the rock out of the mix and gives us a blues track with some flecks of an R&B groove mixed in.  The vocals on this tune take the lead and stand out in the mix over top the foundation created by the guitars, keys, and rhythm section.  Disc closer “See Red” dials everything back up, providing a perfect bookend to the collection with an energetic track that ties together the rock quotient, blues sound, and R&B groove that dances all over the disc and brings them together on this tune.  Again, not normally a fan of blues stuff (love my loud R’N’R), but this one has worked its way into my rotation.

Tracklisting: Liars – Ghosts – Bad People – Starlit – New Mexican Rockstar – If It Don’t Bleed – Don’t Have To Be Good – Mississippi – The Denouement – See Red






Category: CD Reviews

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