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Label: Coeur Noir

Release Date: January 31, 2020

Rating: 100%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I love my rock and roll… that is no secret to anyone that knows me.  If you can toss in some hints of blues, other flashes of solid modern radio rock, and swagger of my favorites, it gets even better.  The latest release from Black Heart Saints does this from start to finish through their four track EP.  Disc opener “Lines” comes straight at you with a slight blues vibe wrapped inside a solid rocker with a sound and feel very reminiscent of a young Buckcherry.  The riffs are solid, the drumming is heavy handed, and the vocals perfectly compliment the sound of the band.  This track, from the lead vocal to the guitar solo is built to rock a crowd in a live setting.  “Crazy” envelopes the bands sound inside a modern rock radio vibe.  The rhythm section stands out on this from the heavy handed drums to the thumping bass fills in the verse and leading the charge through the chorus.  The vocals sail over the track and the guitar at the bridge makes the air guitarist in you take notice and join in.  A cool cover of the Robert Palmer classic “Addicted to Love” is tossed in for good measure.  While the lyrics and basic musical component are familiar, the guys in Black Heart Saints have taken this track and put their stamp all over it, from the higher vocals, the killer guitar solo, and the thunderous drumming.  This is one of the best covers I have heard in a while, where the band took a well known track and made it their own.  Title track and disc closer “Misery” ties everything together and with a song that starts off with a different sound and vibe, but soon kicks the doors down and comes at you guns blazing.  The chugging riff swirled with the bass and drums in the mix provide the perfect launch pad for the vocals to take off through the verse and chorus.  This may be one of the best rock EP’s I have heard in quite some time… I wish these guys had the material gathered to drop a full disc on us to wrap our ears around.  I dare you to get through this without headbanging, strapping on your air guitar, and singing along once you get a grip on the lyrics.

Tracklisting: Lines – Crazy – Addicted to Love – Misery

Lineup: Josh Ross (vocals) – Mark Sean (guitar) – Nathan Flores (drums) – Ian C.G. (bass)






Category: CD Reviews

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