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MUSIC REVIEW: LULU* – Some Motherfuckers

| 4 October 2019 | 1 Reply

MUSIC REVIEW: LULU* – Some Motherfuckers
NUB Music
September 2019
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Note that asterix – this isn’t British ‘60s pop starlet Lulu, this is low fi, very now, quirky and aggressively individualistic West Australian DIY electrofolkn’roller Lulu*. She’s been around for a while, rocking out with her old outfit Wiked Fury, but here she’s gone back to the bedroom and crafted this simple – and simply effective – album of beats and riffs and rants.

It’s the DIY simplicity of a young woman giving voice to her truth in an age of arseholes and users which appeals so much in Lulu*’s music. She makes no attempt to hide the fact that this album was created with a home studio feel, and why should she be in any way apologetic for that? It’s so fucking now, like a popup electropunk experience, that it’s impossible not to like.

That’s not to say it’s an easy listen. She sings about “some guys want to put their dicks into anything that moves,” about wanting to punch people in the face, “drinking and smoking all day,” “too many mouths to feed, not enough dope,” tears apart the mama’s boy who thinks he can destroy her, pillories white trash with hillbilly attitudes, and closes the album with another total fuck you song in Suck Shit.

In the title track she’s crafted an angsty, hashtag-ready anthem which deserves to reverberate around the world. With the greatest respect, this is the stuff which hashtag-her-too dreams are made of, and whilst it won’t get any radio play based purely on it’s title and subject matter, it’s the sort of so-raw-it’s-practically-educational, tell-it-like-it-is and we-won’t-stand-for-that-crap-any-more art which teenage girls AND boys should be listening to. 

There’s a country inflection to So Long Hoorah, a triumphant breakup duet with engineer Dean Anderson. A loose lead guitar plays over a looped acoustic, while Lulu* squeals all-too-authentically, “should I go and trash your house and spray paint your fucked-up car and burn your house down?” Get it all out, sister! Far better to scream it to the world rather than do it and end up in jail.

It’s not all bad relationships and liberating emotional cleansing, though that is certainly part of what Lulu* does, like some low-fi Taylor Swift (but considerably more accessible, real and endearing.) Some Motherfuckers is the sound of an empowered woman telling it like it is for her, and musically it’s one great big middle finger to the over-produced, over-marketed, over-blown rotting corpse that is the music industry. I can’t get behind all of that enough.

Put simply, given a chance, I can imagine a LOT of teenage and twenty-something (and beyond) women will have a strong affinity with this bevy of simple, catchy, cathartic songs. And writing as someone out of that demographic in every way, I can also attest that the rest of us with an open mind and an ear for unique art will love this as well.

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  1. Lulu* says:

    Thank you Shane, you’re an absolute legend! Always love and enjoy all your reviews, your honesty, creative writing skills and expertise… of course, I may be a little biased (but just being honest) lol.
    One day we all hope you get the greatest of recognition.
    Lulu* xo

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