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| 16 October 2019 | Reply

Label: Moonage Rebel

Release Date: October 1, 2019

Rating: 95%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A lot of my friends are amazed when I am listening to something that isn’t hard rock or metal, but sometimes you need to slow your roll and take in other stuff and find something that helps you hit a groove.  The latest groove for me was filled by the new release from Joseph Arthur.  The singer / songwriter has cultivated ten tracks that are built for a mellow evening, the office during a busy tax season, or just chilling in the car.  Disc opener and title track “Come Back World” has a great sound that eases you into the music and helps you embrace Joseph’s vocals before you are given much more than an acoustic guitar to grab onto musically.  This is a track that makes me excited to push play again, even after the disc has played through.  “I’ll Be Around” is a rawer track that has a contagious hook and lyric that gets you singing along from the first listen.  The song builds from the opening to the bridge and has an almost Gospel feel at times throughout the track.  “Tomorrow Today” is another track that benefits from the simple arrangement and focus on Joseph’s vocals.  The song has a very catchy groove to it that runs throughout the track and keeps it flowing.  “Make It True” has a very throwback sound to it that is enhanced by the piano through the verse.  This is a song I go back to time and time again, as its lyrics hit home and rings true for me personally… and most likely a lot of listeners if they really dig into the lyric.  “Pale Fire” has a very obvious emotionally charged vocal delivering the lyric.  The chugging riff in the mix helps drive this track from open to close, even when the vocal seems to want to deviate from the path cut by the track.

“Streetcar” is a straight ahead track that features Arthur’s vocals and some great instrumentation that steers the track.  The acoustic guitars lead the way while the drums and percussion add punch and give the track a solid foundation.  “Biggest Mistake” has a different vibe wrapped around it from the first note, but the song doesn’t stray too far from the feel of the rest of the tracks.  The addition of some percussion at the chorus gets the foot tapping and the gives the song some texture and depth.  “Seek And Find” takes the slower road home through the intro and first verse, but soon the energy and vibe of the track grow exponentially.  The layered vocals are cool through the chorus and elevate the track.  The stripped back opening line or two of each chorus adds a bit of mystery and fun to the track.  “Mayor Of The Lower East Side” opens with a cool harmonica piece that sets the mood and the bar for the track.  While a bit slower in cadence, the song does not lack intensity in vocal delivery and lyrical content.  This song is another favorite that is big on feel and impact without being over done sonically.  Disc closer “Somewhere With You” ties together a few of the tracks on the collection, highlighting Joseph’s vocals and the acoustic guitar work, while adding some cool percussion and drums along with the layered vocals that have peppered the disc.  While not my normal fare, this is definitely going to be a mainstay in my collection for those days when I need a stripped down set of great songs that draw you in and keep you engaged.

Tracklisting: Come Back World – I’ll Be Around – Streetcar – Tomorrow Today – Biggest Mistake – Make It True – Seek And Find – Pale Fire – Mayor Of The Lower East Side – Somewhere With You






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