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| 10 September 2019 | Reply

Shock Entertainment, September 2018
Written by Bertram Millhauser & H G Wells
Directed by Ford Beebe
Starring Jon Hall, John Carradine, Leon Errol
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Filmed eleven years after Claude Raines’ excellent 1933 turn on The Invisible Man, this one fails dismally to live up to the original by a long shot.

Jon Hall plays Robert Griffin, supposedly no relation to Raines’ Jack Griffin, who was abandoned in Africa by old friends Sir Jasper and Lady Herrick, who went on to discover a hugely profitable diamond mine.

Griffin escapes the looney bin to confront those he feels cheated him, but they dismiss him out of hand, and he resorts to John Carradine’s Dr Drury, who is desperate for any old sap to test an invisibility serum on.

Now invisible, Griffin works to send his old partners insane, not to mention trying to corrupt their daughter Julie, but the guy is froot loops and this isn’t gonna end well for him.

Sadly, the plot here is wafer thin, and like many films of the period, often only there to show off some special effects. There are some clever ones for the time – particularly the aquarium and flour ones, but overall, The Invisible Man’s Revenge plods along lazily rather than making any great impact of its own, but it’s a curio worth watching for fans of b-grade horror.

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