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| 5 August 2019 | Reply

Label: Imminence Records

Release Date: July 19, 2019

Rating: 86%

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I really dug the debut release from Crossing Rubicon, 2016’s No Less Than Everything.  That said, I couldn’t wait to wrap my ears around a new collection of tunes.  Disc opener “We Will Rise” took me a bit by surprise, at is comes across a lot harder than most of the previous material.  I was looking for some maturity and growth but not a lot of deviation from the last effort.  “I Will Remain” tones down the aggression a bit and allows us to take in the vocals and absorb them along with some great guitar work.  The cadence of the track is great and keeps the track moving along, even with the change in tempo after the bridge.  “We Own The Night” kicks off with a great riff that runs on repeat until the drums and Jeanne Wawrzyniak’s bass join the fray and help to anchor the track as Scotty Anarchy dives in on vocals.  The heavier vibe through the verse grows and helps twist the song into a great rocker that grows through the chorus.  This track should go over well in a live scenario,  if it hits the setlist.  “Culture Of Silence” comes charging with a cool riff, some heavy handed drums, thumping bass, and a chant like vocal that gives this song a different vibe than others on the collection .  The verse kicks in and this song takes shape and joins some of the other cool rock tracks on the disc.  The different vocal textures on the chorus and bridge help this song stand out without jumping too far off course.  “Coldest Of Wars” builds on the sound from other songs on the disc without sounding rehashed or repetitive.  The chorus is catchy and the cadence of the track through the verse is contagious, giving the disc another track that will get fists in the air when played live.  “Embrace The Pain” has some killer percussion to kick the song off and the guitar riff over top the drumming blends well.  The tempo kicks in and the vocals seem to accelerate along with the songs groove.

“Army Of One” is a cool rocker that gets the foot tapping and the head banging, without being over the top.  The layered background vocals add depth to the chorus and lead singer Anarchy flexes his vocal muscles throughout the track.  This is one of the better tracks near the front of the disc.  “On Wax Wings” slows the pace and seems to deviate from the rocker path cut by the previous tracks on the disc.  The vocals are mellow, even when the musical accompaniment kicks it up a notch leading from verse to chorus and back again.  I have heard it a few times and still don’t know how to digest this track when played alongside the other songs on the disc.  Lead single and title track “Seeing Red” is an interest track in that is successfully marries a harder CR sound with the mainstream rock sound of a lot of their material.  The vocals are tempered and keep flowing alongside the musical foundation provided by the guitar and chugging rhythm section.  The twin guitar attack of Zach ATM Lambert and Patrick Humphrey elevates this song and keeps things interesting with the main riffs and fret work swirled into the mix and the solo at the bridge.  “Active Aggression” has a different vibe and groove from the minute the track kicks in until the last note is played.  The bottom end from the rhythm section keeps things flowing and the guitars add punch to the track.  At times it seems the song is trying hard to be a Korn track, with layered vocals that don’t match up along with manipulated sounds – not that this is bad, it just isn’t my thing.  “Viva La Revolucion” has a cool vibe and guitar lick that opens the track.  The bass and drums that jump in give the track a layered feel.  Scotty’s vocals a bit mixed through the verses, but solidify at the chorus.  Be sure to check out the guitar solo on the bridge – it’s one of the better on the disc. Disc closer “225” takes us out on a heavier note and feel.  The rhythm section leads the charge when the track starts off, but the guitars mix in nicely as the song unfolds.  The song features some cool percussion and drumming from start to finish.

Tracklisting: We Will Rise – I Will Remain – Army Of One – We Own The Night – On Wax Wings – Culture Of Silence – Seeing Red – Coldest Of Wars – Active Aggression – Embrace The Pain – Viva La Revolucion – 225






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