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LIVE: ALESTORM – Perth, 6 Feb, 2019

| 15 February 2019 | Reply

LIVE: ALESTORM – Perth, 6 Feb, 2019
Capitol, Wednesday, 6 February, 2019
Reviewed by Karl Infirri
Photography by Damien Crocker

Alestorm, pirate metal extraordinaires. I’ve been a casual fan for years and always wondered what they would be like live, and tonight I was proud to witness the insanity that is Alestorm.

Opening up the night was 9 Foot Super Soldier and they were entertaining and hilarious, with the ability to speak to the crowd between the songs – it is a tough one to master but these guys nailed it along with their manic hardcore style of music. They’re not a pirate band but they fit into the evening well and the crowd responded accordingly. May I also mention from the get go the venue was packed to the rafters? Usually such an occasion would not warrant an opening band to be in front of a packed house – it never works out that way. But these boys deserved the opportunity. A sterling performance tonight and a solid showing.

Rumahoy were a wild energetic live act with the style of music and power you’d actually expect from Alestorm themselves. No wonder they scored the support act slot! Their drummer is a monster and their music is pure pirate beauty. If these were Alestorm songs you couldn’t tell the difference! Cowboys of the Sea was the highlight for me. They play their gimmick well, all wearing balaclavas with a frontman dressed super well, and in character the whole time. He sounds like Cookie Monster if he sailed the seven seas… or seven C’s? Seven cookies? I’ll see myself out. Rumahoy fitted perfectly into their slot and they proved that with their raw power.

Alestorm finally hit the stage in a fury with Keelhauled, my FAVOURITE Alestorm song. If that doesn’t start things off like a riot, then… I’m sure another track of theirs would. But it was huge. The crowd are absolutely in love with what it is they do, making every song a mass singalong. It really is something to enjoy being a part of. The atmosphere was nothing but love and appreciation.

Alestorm don’t dress the pirate gimmick like Rumahoy do, but it doesn’t even matter – theirs is already a wild enough atmosphere.

The next highlight of the night was The Sunk’n Norwegian. What a track, and the venue has to be completely sold out. It’s a huge night.

1741 was another massive highlight and this room is so hot and sweaty it’s unbelievable, paving the way for the singer of Rumahoy to join on stage for a great duet. By now the atmosphere is clammy yet so passionate, with the crowd unrelenting from the start – the level of crowd participation truly has been staggeringly hard to believe.

They parted the seas and asked everyone to take off their clothes and fist each other for the killer track Captain Morgan’s Revenge, and boy, the crowd went mental just when we thought they couldn’t get any more enthusiastic.

I guess if you aren’t a big fan of the band you may not “get it,” as essentially every song sounds the same and is about Rum, Wenches, Walking the Plank or finding treasure. But knowing that walking in, how can you possibly critique their schtick? This band has found their niche and they sell out venues halfway around the world, such as here in Perth. It would be like reviewing a Phil Collins gig knowing he can’t stand because of his back surgery and buggered foot, then spending the whole review complaining about it like an absolute nitwit.

Alestorm ended the night as huge as they started it, to an even bigger mass ovation. This was a wonderful night to be a pirate in Perth, and we’re absolutely privledged to have witnessed the best pirate-themed metal band in the world do their thing. Arrr!

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