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| 3 November 2018 | Reply

Label: Independent

Release Date: August 28, 2018

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I was first introduced to Bad Brad Henderson when he was part of Colt Ford’s band and they played a local venue The Machine Shop.  Brad and I kept in touch through a mutual friend and I was soon brought up to speed on Brad’s rock side when he released N2 The Ether in 2015.  With the end of 2018 in sight, Brad has assembled a project entitled Stone Padre and has unleashed the debut disc from this band – El Camino.  Disc opener “Boom” knocks the dust off the pedal and gets the motor running on this rocking disc.  From the chugging riffs to the thunderous drums to the smooth vocals, this song grabs your attention and gets the head banging and kicks this collection in the right direction.  “Wild In The Sheets” keeps the pace going and the energy level up.  From Bad Brad’s guitar licks to the amazing vocals from Kendra Chantelle, this song rocks at full speed and doesn’t look into the rear view mirror.  If this one doesn’t get your foot tapping, I don’t know what will.  “Jade” opens up with a much different sound than the previous tracks, but soon the song shifts into gear and we are treated to a song that delivers a classic rock vibe wrapped in a modern rock driven sound, thanks to Chantelle’s vocals, Ryan Vikedal’s percussion, and a riff that has a Zeppelin-like texture.  “Push” has a slightly different sound when it starts to unfold, courtesy of a different guitar sound, but when the groove kicks in, this is all rock and all Stone Padre.  The drums are full and the vocals come raging through the track while the guitar leads the way from start to finish.  “Spy On U” starts off with a cool riff and soon a heavy handed guitar and bass line drive the songs bottom end while the drums keep the track anchored and the vocals sail across the mix.  The various riffs add depth while the rhythm section delivers from note to note.

“Taste” swirls in a more subdued rock quotient, but keeps this cool and interesting.  The guitars chug nicely in the background, but you cannot negate the cool pings and squeals that are woven into the tracks musical fabric.  The drums are solid and keep the tempo of the track moving along while the vocals shift between the verse and chorus with precision.  “Wake Up And Dance” is one of the most contagious rock tracks of 2018, yet sounds like it could have been a killer hit in 1987… come to think of it, I would have loved to hear this one at my prom.  Henderson’s opening riff is killer and Kendra’s vocals are the best on the disc.  The groove and grit in her delivery matched the fun innuendo of the lyrics.  You can’t ignore the bass lines from The Creeper himself, Paul Chapman.  “Lay Me Down” is another straightforward rocker that benefits from solid drums from Vikedal and the fun swirl of Brad’s guitars and Kendra’s vocals in the mix.  The power behind her voice pushes the limits of the track at times, but without disrupting the flow of the track or disc.  “2 O’Clock” has a cool 80’s vibe that is accentuated by the guitars, vocals, and lyrics.  Chantelle’s voice drips with sultry tones while Henderson’s guitars keep the mood light and lively, especially at the tail of each chorus and John Billings’ bass adds a little depth to the mix.  The song helps take us out on a high note as the disc nears the end.  Closer “Make Rain” is cool track that has a ballad-like flavor to it while keeping a cool rock vibe alive.  The chorus is catchy and the guitar work adds punch to the track when the chorus hits.  The bottom end from drummer Ryan and bassist Andre Hayden keeps the song moving underneath the ebb and flow of the guitars and vocals.

Tracklisting: Boom – Wild In The Sheets – Taste – Jade – Wake Up And Dance – Push – Lay Me Down – Spy On U – 2 O’Clock – Make Rain






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