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LIVE: BEHEMOTH – October 26, 2018

| 2 November 2018 | Reply

Venue: The Masquerade

City: Atlanta, GA

Date: October 26, 2018

Review and Photographs by: Rachel Craig (

Behemoth is a must-see on any metalhead’s concert bucket list, and their show in Atlanta could not have come at a better time. Coming just a few weeks after the release of their new album called I Loved You At Your Darkest, the Polish blackened death metal band arrived in the city to perform brand new songs in front of a sold out crowd of fans. The show began with Wolves In The Throne Room from Washington. Playing only three (very long) songs, their music is like going back in time or going to a mythical pagan world with slower instrumental sections and Celtic influences. The next band to take the stage was At The Gates from Sweden, and they had a sizeable fanbase at the show. This band is like a pioneer of their own genre, expertly working the stage and performing death metal songs from their 20+ year career, including songs like “Cold,” “Suicide Nation,” “Blinded By Fear,” and newer material like “To Drink From The Night Itself,” “The Chasm,” “The Night Eternal,” and “The Book Of Sand (The Abomination).”

After experiencing a great show so far, I was very pleasantly surprised at how Behemoth raised everything to a different level, with both their sound and the production. The show began with “Solve,” a song of children chanting that echoed throughout the venue while the crew members set up the stage and the room plunged into darkness. During “Wolves ov Siberia,” they took over the stage wearing black skull masks as crowdsurfers instantly came over the barricade (and I was attempting to dodge them). After removing their masks, the show continued with Nergal’s harsh vocals and incredible work from the rest of the band. Seth’s guitar work was especially impressive to hear live, and Inferno’s drumkit alone was expansive enough to almost completely shield him from view. The song that received the biggest reception within the first few chords was “Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel,” where the crowd shouted the lyrics back at Nergal throughout the whole song. “Conquer All,” “Ov Fire And The Void” and “Lucifer” also inspired the crowd to give Behemoth their all. This show did not have a typical encore, instead they briefly left the stage after “We Are The Next 1000 Years” to grab drums and close the show with the thunderous instrumental ending to I Loved Your At Your Darkest, “Coagvla.” Overall, this was easily one of my favorite metal shows of all time. Behemoth received a warm welcome in Atlanta and The Masquerade was intimate enough to make the fans feel a connection, even in the balcony. The setlist was also a perfect representation of their career so far, however, I am personally surprised they did not play “O Father O Satan O Sun!” since it’s such an iconic track. I’m curious to see where this new album will take Behemoth and how controversial (in the best way) it may become, in comparison to The Satanist. But I do know that it’s inspired Behemoth to create a spectacular show that every metalhead should try to see this fall.

Setlist: Wolves ov Siberia – Daimonos – Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer – Bartzabel – Ov Fire and the Void – God = Dog – Conquer All – Ecclesia Diabolica Catholica – Decade of Therion – Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel – Slaves Shall Serve – Chant for Eschaton 2000 – Lucifer – We Are the Next 1000 Years





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