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Australia has a BRAND NEW Alternative Radio Station

| 22 October 2018 | Reply

Australia has a BRAND NEW Alternative Radio Station

Get ready, music fans – Australia has a new national alternative radio station. Recognising the value in supporting local artists and for more voices on the airwaves, Vibe Machine answers the demand and launches Monday, October 22.

“Australia needs another national alternative radio outlet,” says founder Josh Kiff of Vibe Machine Radio. “So many acts get overlooked for radio play, tours don’t get mentioned or supported – and it’s not a broadcaster’s fault, as there’s only room for so much. So instead of complaining about it, we did something about it.”

Vibe Machine Radio’s focus on exciting new sounds played alongside tunes from the music world’s rich history will offer a unique listening platform.

“I don’t understand why a new track from Camp Cope can’t be played alongside Nirvana, The Breeders can’t drop in after Luca Brasi, or why fantastic up-and-coming local acts aren’t getting more national airplay. We aim to throw the blueprint of only playing certain genres and music aimed at a certain demographic out the window.”

Vibe Machine Radio is also launching with hosts and producers with a wealth of varied music industry experience.

“That was key from the start,” Kiff emphasises. “While we may not have celebrity hosts of some national networks, the team we do have is both passionate and knowledgeable about a broad range of music.”

Kailei Ginman has made headlines with Alpha Booking Agency, the new all-female artist agency in Australia.

“When I reached out to Kailei to join us, she hadn’t launched Alpha – I had no idea it was in the works,” Kiff admits. “I remembered her passion from music when she worked at moshtix and knew her infectious energy and drive would be a perfect fit for Vibe Machine. Now, with Alpha, we know she’s just as passionate about getting diverse voices heard. This is a huge asset she brings to the station.”

Bronwyn Thompson is one of Australia’s most respected journalists (Rolling Stone, Juice, Sydney Morning Herald) and brings her knowledge of everything from obscure post-rock to twee-pop and emo to a new medium for her. Her first series of shows will shine a spotlight on iconic record labels and the stable of artists they’ve produced.

“Bron was an easy choice; I’ve known her for nearly two decades and I’ve always been in awe of her work. She’s introduced me to so many great artists and knows more about music than I could ever hope to,” Kiff says. “She’s not just bringing her knowledge but will also use her interviewing skills and ability to connect with artists, to tell their stories and help the listener take away more than just some new bands to check out.”

“I’m on a sharp learning curve, entering this new medium as far as my experience goes, but I’m really excited about the scope Vibe Machine has to offer a voice to new artists as well as provide a great platform to delve into the past,” Thompson says. “Most indie labels I’ve been exploring started in bedrooms or garages and grew to be hugely influential – this is essentially what we hope Vibe Machine can do.”

Stephen Tilbury, podcaster and host extraordinaire, is the complete package – he has the skills, the voice and the passion to make every show a standout.

“Steve has his own Seinfeld-centric podcast, and he also knows the technical aspects of broadcasting – and what makes for a great listen – so coupled with his passion, he’s a breath of fresh air to the Australian radio landscape.

Finally, host Josh Kiff is no stranger to the music industry. He’s promoted tours, written for street press for a decade, acted as a medium-sized venue booking agent and was part of the team that grew moshtix to become one of the leaders in the ticketing field. His key show at launch is Connect The Rock, which plays six-degrees-of-separation with artists and will feature special guests.

“That was a blast,” he remembers. “My friend Hamish started moshtix in his bedroom and we grew it to selling millions of tickets and working with the best promoters and festivals in the country. It’s that spirit I want to bring to Vibe Machine. I live and breathe music.”

With so much music being played on so many different formats, the traditional ways of hearing music is leaving us, hence why you can tune in to Vibe Machine online or via searching for “Vibe Machine Radio” on the app stores.

Vibe Machine Radio launches on Monday October 22.

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