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MUSIC REVIEW: COVET – effloresce

| 7 September 2018 | Reply

Label: Triple Crown Records

Release Date: July 13, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Covet has released a killer 6-track EP that has me captivated.  The press release surrounding the EP states the band ‘blend(s) instrumental math-rock with elements of post-rock and post-metal, juxtaposing delicate melodies with propulsive rhythms and captivating energy.’  I prefer to say that this disc is one of the best rock-jazz fusion records I have heard in a long time.  “Shibuya” kicks the disc off and the guitar work from Yvette Young swirls in the mix and glides along the smoothest rhythm piece on the disc.  There are moments of guitar work that dazzle and others that simply sooth and impress with their simplicity.  This track features San Holo on the guitar.  “Glimmer” unfolds slowly and with purpose compared tot eh previous track, but make no mistake – the guitar may drive this track, but the drums and bass control the speed and direction of the song.  “Sea Dragon” has more cool guitar sounds and playing that draws attention, but the percussion and drums from Forrest Rice are the star of this track through the opening and into the various bridges and time changes.  CHON guitarist Mario Camarena lends his skills to this track, which ebbs and flows helping tie together all of the tracks on this short collection.  “Gleam” is a track that gives each of the three players a moment or two to shine individually (not as solos, but merely featured in the mix), but also demonstrate how well they work as a unit.  “Falkor” is a contagious track that gets the head moving and the foot tapping without being a heavy track or straying from the path cut by the other songs here.  David Adamiak’s bass helps guide the track from open to close and provides a perfect bottom end for the guitars to run across.  Disc closer “Howl” is a cool track that you can put on in just about any crowd and most would appreciate it.  The guitar tones are smooth and the rhythm section anchors without weighing down the track.  The time changes in this track add to the depth of the tune and disc.

Tracklisting: Shibuya – Glimmer – Sea Dragon – Gleam – Falkor – Howl






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