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MUSIC REVIEW: FM – Atomic Generation

Label: Frontiers Music s.r.l.

Release Date: March 30, 2018

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

FM has done it again – their knack of releasing great melodic rock is better than most bands that are pigeon-holed into that genre.  Disc opener “Black Magic” kicks the doors open on this disc, and the combination of soaring vocals, searing guitar leads, and a top notch performance from the rhythm section gives us the perfect place to start this collection.  “Too Much Of A Good Thing” follows and we are greeted with a more keyboard-friendly track  compliments of Jem Davis that helps me (once again) draw comparisons between Steve Overland and Michael Bolton back in his Blackjack days.  The chorus is catchy and helps carry the track from verse to verse.  “In It For The Money” is a huge tune, from a sound standpoint.  The guitars and vocals dance together perfectly, but the drums and Merv Goldswrothy’s bass lines anchor this track and keep it from taking off.  The chorus is another one that will get you singing along before you know it.  “Playing Tricks On Me” is another ‘Bolton’ like vocal, but the addition of horns gives this song punch during the intro and bridges, as well as filling the rest of the track to build a wall of sound.  “Follow Your Heart” is a cool track that is sonically different than any other track on the disc.  The cadence seems different and the way the guitars, keyboards, and vocals interact tracks the track down a slightly different path.  Disc closer “Love is The Law” slows the pace and vibe of the disc to a near crawl with a ballad that took a left turn from the rest of the disc.  I don’t know that this would be the way to close out the collection, but the song itself seems misplaced among the other songs here.

“Killed By Love” has a contagious groove woven through it that helps tie out the heavier drums from Pete Jupp, the chugging guitar riffs and the layered vocals at the chorus.  The swirl of keyboards and guitar keeps this track flowing and perfectly supports the vocals.  “Golden Days” opens with a guitar riff that doesn’t point in a specific direction, but the song takes on a very 80’s sound when the guitars get muted a bit and the keyboards seem to drive the track.  The vocals are good, but seem to be reigned in a bit with the guitars – even the rhythm section comes off as slightly weak compared to most of the track on this disc.  “Make The Best Of What You Got” starts off with a cool guitar riff, and it only gets better from there.  This track throws a bluesy swagger built into the vibe and overall makeup of the disc.  This song has the makings of a great track and it is a solid and fresh each time I listen to it.  “Do You Love Me Enough” is one of my favorite songs on the disc, thanks to a killer riff from Jim Kirkpatrick that hinges on solo material that starts the song off.  The vocals are rich and seem to have more depth than others among the tracklisting.  The rhythm section builds the track up through the verse and into the chorus without becoming overpowering.  “Stronger” has a cool keyboard opening that builds slowly, but soon morphs into a solid melodic rocker that benefits from great vocals and some of the better guitar work on the disc.  This song, from the lyrics and melody to the cohesive sound from the band, stands out from the 11-track crowd on this disc.

Tracklisting: Black Magic – Too Much Of A Good Thing – Killed By Love – In It For The Money – Golden Days – Playing Tricks On Me – Make The Best Of What You Got – Follow Your Heart – Do You Love Me Enough – Stronger – Love is The Law






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