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| 25 April 2018 | Reply

Go The Hack Records
April 2018
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

They’re not labelled the “blokes you can trust” for nothin’. The Cosmic Psychos brand of monstrously heavy punk riffs, bludgeoning bottom end and beer-soaked larrikinism is as reliable from record to record as the sun coming up tomorrow, and never fails to be as impressive.

But don’t let the apparent simplicity and basic four-on-the-floor nature of their songs fool you – these are one of Australia’s finest rock bands – and one of our most iconic cult acts ever, championed by everyone who knows anything ‘bout anything.

It’s not for nothing that this latest CD lobbed on my doorstep with a bumper sticker proclaiming “If you don’t like Cosmic Psychos you’re a dickhead.”

Still boldly led by uncompromising bassist/singer Ross Knight, The Psychos are gloriously intimidating. Drummer Dean epitomises ‘no bullshit’ playing, and Onyas cult fave Mad Macka lets rip on guitar and occasional vocals.

If there’s one thing these lads love more than punk rock, it’s beer – ‘loudmouth soup’ itself. Opening with 100 Cans Of Beer and the sound of a tinnie (and many more to follow) opening, it’s The Psychos at their catchy, relentless, best. “100 cans of knowledge – 100 cans of loudmouth soup, 100 cans of beer.” I’ll drink to that.

Of course, the result of such a binge is a day feeling pretty bloody average – celebrated here with one of their most instantly catchy tracks, Feeling Average (and hilarious accompanying video clip).

Recorded on Knight’s rural Victorian farm, there’s songs about Dogshit (Dogshit), chucking brown-eyes (Moon Over Victoria), being too dumb to die (Too Dumb To Die) and more, all gloriously rendered in wham-bam-thankyou-maam Psychos fashion.

Better In The Shed is brilliantly indicative of how the band can pull lightning out of nowhere: a song, basically, about how fucked it is (it isn’t) and how much better it sounded in rehearsal. You can’t get more Aussie than that.

Another standout is the jangly Rat On The Mat, about bringing one of the Dune Rats back to the farm for a pizza, or something like that. The lighter tone provides a nice bit of respite from the pummelling, and it’s another fun and catchy song.

Buy this record, or you’re a dickhead.

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