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LIVE: Suicidal Tendencies – Perth, 27 March, 2018

| 15 April 2018 | Reply

LIVE: Suicidal Tendencies – Perth, 27 March, 2018
Capitol, Perth, Western Australia – Tuesday, 27 March, 2018
Reviewed by Kevin Curran

Photos by Clayton Mitchell

Suicidal Tendencies were back in Perth for another visit for their “Get your fight on” tour, a band that has made the trip more than most in recent years – and it has paid off, as tonight the Capitol was almost at full capacity, whereas only a few years earlier they were in the smaller Amplifier Bar next door.

Looking around there was a huge age variety in the audience, with people ranging from 20 to 60 and everything in-between proving Suicidal Tendencies continue to resonate with all ages, even after all these years. Frontman Mike Muir was in fine form tonight spitting out thought provoking promos in between songs, opening peoples minds left, right and centre.

Apologies to those supporting Suicidal Tendencies tonight – Beerfridge & Ratking – as I had my own gig and only got there just in time for the main event.

You Can’t Bring Me Down opened the show with so much going on the stage – bodies flying everywhere… the energy started at a 10, and to be honest it never once let up. New energy in the line-up was brought by guitarist Jeff Pogan who has great presence.

Frontman Mike Muir – even at the age of 55 – never stopped running around the stage gyrating and evoking energy for the Perth ST army. There were so many trademark ST caps in the audience tonight, it’s almost become a brand or a way of life for some.

Lots of really early material was brought out, including I Shot The Devil (I Shot Reagan), and Join The Army, which pleased the old schoolers, mixed in between their ‘90s stuff like Lost Again and Send Me Your Money from the Lights Camera Revolution record.

I was really impressed by the drummer before noticing – holy shit, it’s Dave Lombardo from Slayer!!! He definitely added an extra something to the ST Live show as his thick double kick blasted through the PA.

All the ladies in the house were brought up on-stage as the band tore into Possessed to Skate and I Saw Your Mommy, with all the girls on stage singing the lyrics, “I saw your Mommy and your Mommy’s dead!” It was quite entertaining to say the least.

The stage was flooded with people as the band brought more ST fans on the stage to end the show with a bang and battered those around them with Psycho Vision and Pledge Your Allegiance.

Having no Institutionalized in the set was a bit of a miss, being arguably the most known ST track, but none the less it was a well-executed energetic set and Perth gave ST the love tonight.

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