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BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars –The Last Jedi – young reader/Visual Dictionary/Cross-Sections

| 23 January 2018 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Star Wars –The Last Jedi – Young Reader/Visual Dictionary/Cross-Sections

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Young Reader – $12.99
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary – $29.99
Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cross-Sections – $29.99
Penguin Random House
December 2017
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

Movie tie-in/Star Wars


A new Star Wars movie means a new tsunami of merch, including enough books to fill a library, some of the best of which we have rounded up here.

Young readers will love the simplistic telling of The Last Jedi DK reader book, which simplifies the story to an easily accessible good versus evil romp through space, distilling the excitement we big kids feel into an easily digested slice.

The Last Jedi Visual Dictionary is pitched more at the teen market, with entries depicting locations, races of aliens, weapons, prop equipment and more that feature in the film. Full of minute detail that fleshes the characters and equipment out, it’s proof that the writers, producers and film-makers create a fully multi-dimensional universe for every part of the epic Star Wars story.

The Last Jedi Cross Sections continues a Star Wars tradition of showing the intricately detailed technical inner workings of various vehicles and equipment featured in the film. Fascinating as to how various spaceships, land speeders and weaponry might actually work, nerds everywhere will undoubtedly be hoping that this creativity might help inspire further scientific breakthrough in the real world.

Obviously any Star Wars book is going to be, by its very nature, niche, and these further pitch to specific demographics. The Star Wars universe is so captivating, though, that anyone with interest in a particular direction will find plenty of books to fill their shelves with, and that should be encouraged. After all, Star Wars is the most iconic modern fairytale of them all.

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