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BOOK REVIEW: #single by Lost the Plot

| 3 January 2018 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: #single by Lost the Plot

Lost the Plot
November 2017
Hardcover, $16.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Humour / Non-Fiction


A collection of online dating conversations.
From bad pick-up lines to death threats and awkward sex-capades #single is a hilarious snapshot of some of the most ridiculous real-life online dating conversations.

“Definitely giving this to all my friends who have (or, are) suffering through online dating” – Everyone I’ve ever met

“The perfect book to shove in the face of anyone who has ever asked ‘Why are you still single?” – My next door neighbour, Fran

This book is a must read if you match any of the below criteria:

  • You are currently online dating
  • You have online dated
  • You will online date in your future
  • You are a smug couple
  • You worry your child is a spinster/bachelor for life
  • You like to laugh
  • You are a Jewish mother
  • You like to breathe and live and stuff

Is it a perfect match? Swipe right (okay, click) and add it to your cart.


#single is far from the first book to include awkward texts and the like, but it carries the added bonus of reminding us all of the perils of online dating.

From clueless to cringeworthy, hilarious to sad, there is bound to be something here to make readers laugh. 

The book is based on the popular blog, with posts sent in by a range of people who have messages to share from their adventures in online dating. It would have been nice had the book had an introduction for readers, and as it was, this reader found the book much more enjoyable on a second reading, having realised the fact that the book is collated from various people’s stories.

All in all this is a fun, funny read that is easy to devour in the space of an hour. It’s not something that will likely withstand many re-readings, but it would sure serve as an interesting conversation piece!

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