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LIVE: Anathema with Skygazer, Perth, 10 Dec 2017

| 16 December 2017 | Reply

LIVE: Anathema with Skygazer, Perth, 10 Dec 2017
Rosemount Hotel, North Perth
Reviewed by Melanie Scrafton
Photography by Luke Nicholson of Nicholson Images

Skygazer are a Perth Band formed in 2012, consisting of Daniel Mazzarol – Vocals & Guitar, Mason Tate – Guitar & Fabulous Hair and Perry De Gennero- Drums & Other Music Stuff. It’s been over two years since I last caught them live and as much as I recognise the faces their sound evolution is miraculous. They have reduced their on stage numbers from 4 to 3, but this is still a 4 piece band in my opinion. Their permanent sound tech Tom McKeown works wonders with the technology the boys bring to their new sound. They have worked hard to create something quite unique in the Perth local music scene. As with most exclusive sounding original bands I can’t pigeon hole their sound to any specific genre. It’s progressive, its rock oozing with both chilled & energetic guitar riffs and haunting clean vocals, it’s mellow and huge at the same time, with the band incorporating a full symphony orchestral backing track in Above You. The guys had 30 minutes to impress the Anathema crowd before their epic two-part show and they did exactly that.

Liverpool quintet Anathema performed five back-to-back shows on this Aussie Tour, with Perth their last stop before heading back to the UK, with every show being approximately two hours in duration with a short interlude.

The first part of the show features their current album The Optimist played in full, with the second trawling the pages of their extensive back catalogue.

Sadly, on opening track San Francisco the band lost sound, forcing the show to stop after only a minute, and it wasn’t for the last time. Throughout the set their frustration became more obvious because of the ongoing technical issues. They stayed professional but signs of fatigue and impatience crept through.

The show was not as Anathema or the decent sized Sunday crowd would have preferred, and their overall crowd connection and vibe was subsequently low. Anathema are renowned for presenting their live musical journey as an immersive experience for their fans, and they would undoubtedly have felt this was a disappointing finale for the tour.

Anathema Set list –
San Francisco
Can’t Let Go
Endless Ways
The Optimist
The Lost Song, Pt 3
Looking Outside Inside
Thin Air
A Simple Mistake
The Beginning and the End

Distant Satelites
Back to the Start
Untouchable, Pt1
Untouchable, Pt2

Skygazer Set List –
Above You
A New Fate


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