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| 3 October 2017 | Reply

By Shane Pinnegar

Legacy Of Supremacy’s second album, The Morning After, is out now. We asked the guys to share their top five albums and concert experiences with us.

Singer/guitarist Jacob Kenny:
“My most important album is Third Stage by Boston. I first heard this when I was a teenager and it was a guitar tone like nothing I had heard before, it really cemented my interest in harmonising guitar parts and using a stereo layered sound with melodic playing. My most memorable concert was Journey in 2013. It was such a pleasure to see and hear Neal Schon play after years of being inspired by his playing.


“Also, Dr Feelgood by Motley Crue. What a punishing guitar tone and just the definition of great heavy songwriting for a commercial platform. To go with that, Motley Crue’s final tour show in Perth was deeply memorable, both them and Alice Cooper sounded enormous and just put on the coolest show which was both exciting and sentimental.”

Drummer Frank Lupino:
“My most important album is Led Zeppelin III. My dad put that on the record player one day after school, and when the first track – Immigrant Song – came on I was blown away. Most memorable concert… Bon Jovi, at the Perth Entertainment Centre 1990 on the Jersey Syndicate tour. It was the first concert I ever went to and it was amazing as a 9-year-old to see and feel that atmosphere.”

Tristan Hodges, bass player:
“One of my most important albums would have to be The Offspring’s Smash. That album got a merciless flogging from the time I got it for about 6 months and really kicked off my journey in music. The most memorable gig I’ve ever attended would be The Darkness, when they played this year at Metro City. Just such brilliant performers and really chilled and awesome guys.”


Guitarist Curtis Sucksmith:
“The most important album to me would probably be Metallica’s Black album. I would have been about 10 or so when I discovered it and it opened the door for heavy music for me, it made me really want to play guitar. My most memorable gig would be Iron Maiden in 2008, they put on a great show. Seeing such giants of the genre who have been around for so long was very very cool.”

Read Shane’s full interview with Jacob Kenny at AROUND THE SOUND [Click Here]


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