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Label: Angry Duck Records

Release Date: June 2, 2017

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Country music takes on all forms these days – you have pop country, bro country, country rock, classic twangy county, and everything in between.  The latest from Buckstein falls somewhere in between the bro, rock, and classic country sounds.  Disc opener and title track “Country Side” has a cool guitar riff woven through it that gives us a rock vibe, as does the grit and gravel in Buckstein’s vocals and delivery.  There are definite country aspects to the track, especially in the lyrics, but this is a cool song that sets the bar for the disc and gets the foot tapping.  “Bad Girls” brings the classic and the bro to the party, with vocals that properly address the subject matter of messing with the titular bad females.  The verse has different sounds and tempos that help carry the track from open to close.  “This Time” slows the pace of the short disc down quite a bit and gives us a love gone wrong song.  The vocals match the lyrics perfectly and the classic twist with fiddle helps to accentuate the emotional subject matter.  “I’ll Make A Country Girl Outta You Yet” takes on a cool rock vibe like the opener, but there is something definitely ‘more’ country than that song.  The groove and tempo of the track gets the head slightly banging, the foot tapping, and prompts you to kick this one on again when it comes to a close.  Disc closer “10 At 2:00” is fun song that tells the stories most of us have heard about at last call.  The slow swagger in the track paints the mood and vibe of any bar between 10 and 2… as the party wraps up and prospects are being surveyed.  This is a good EP with some great tracks that should be part of your country / party mix.

Tracklisting: Country Side – Bad Girls – This Time – I’ll Make A Country Girl Outta You Yet – 10 At 2:00






Category: CD Reviews

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