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| 3 May 2017 | 1 Reply

October 2016
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar

At first glance the biblical referential band name, and the sombre, war-influenced title and bleak cover images (dogs leap over a tangled hedge in grainy black and white on the inside of the booklet, surely referencing soldiers leaping from trenches to charge to their inevitable death in wars of yore; a bright red flower grows through cracks in the pavement underneath the CD tray), we can be forgiven for having expected a dark, brooding, album of pointed heavy metal.

Instead, we have an Italian foursome with one eye firmly on the nineties – guitars jangle as much as they crunch; there’s more melodic interplay than heavy riffing; the arrangements are textured and balanced in their subtlety – room is given between notes to accentuate melodies and hooks; there’s even elements of Sonic Youth-styled drone-noise and dreamy shoegaze, whilst Daydream’s Dylanesque harmonica atop a psych-folk groove, and Sold Out’s post-punk cool remind us of The Flaming Lips or Beck, and closer In The Twilight could fit comfortably into Serge Gainsbourg’s ‘70s repertoire.

There’s a real soundscape vibe to Trenches – not far removed from a soundtrack score, even – but still the feeling remains that perhaps this record was crafted in the studio, and it would be intriguing to hear how these accomplished songs would develop after being road tested live for a while.

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  1. Alessandro Pagani says:

    Thanks a lot Shane for your attention to us.

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