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| 1 March 2017 | Reply

Label: Frontiers Music SRL

Release Date: January 27, 2017

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Jack Russell has seen a lot in his days as front man of a platinum-selling rock band.  These days, he fronts one incarnation of the band he helped make famous.  The latest release to feature Jack on lead vocals is He Saw It Comin’ from Jack Russell’s Great White.  This disc is full of great rockers that have as much rock, blues, and everything in between as most of the bands earlier releases – with or without Jack behind the mic.  Disc opener “Sign Of The Times” kicks off with a sweet acoustic guitar that is soon joined by that familiar voice.  As this song moves from intro, through the verse, and into the chorus there is no denying Russell still has the magic tucked in his vocal chords.  This song has swagger and rhythm and sets the bar high for the rest of the disc.  “She Moves Me” streams in with a killer bass line that is enhanced by chugging riffs and vocals that fit the mood of the music and the content of the lyrics.  This song swings us in a different direction that we are used to with Jack, but this works.  “Love Don’t Live Here” slows the pace of the disc down without taking away the killer sound and vibe create by the other tracks.  The chorus is contagious and gets you singing along.  “Anything For You” unfolds beautifully with an acoustic guitar and lead vocal duet that carries us through the verse and chorus, tossing in some killer harmonies on the latter.  “Don’t Let Me Go” is one of my favorite tracks on the disc due to its deviation from the path cut by the other songs here.  This song leans heavier on groove and vibe than any other song on this collection, especially during the intro and verse.  The guitars are different, the rhythm section solid, and the vocals richer than on other tracks.  Be sure to check out the guitar work on the bridge – it may not be flashy, but it is damn good!  “Blame It On The Night” is a solid song that has cool riffs, smoky vocals from Russell, steady handed drumming, and thumping bass lines that seem to jump from the instrument.  This song has that classic Great White feel and sound with an updated groove.

“Crazy” has a playfulness in the guitars that carries over to the vocals and rhythm section.  The bass lines seem to pop from the mix, giving this disc a bit of pop and attitude without getting too heavy.  “My Addiction” opens sweetly with a rambling bass line that is soon joined by Russell’s voice and away we go for an infectious ride that benefits from deep lyrics that come from and are sung from the head and heart of the bands frontman.  The rhythm section of bassist Dan McNay and drummer Dicki Fliszar are firing on all cylinders keeping this song anchored.  “He Saw It Coming” opens with a cool piece that reflects the youthful attitude of the band as a unit and as individuals.  Jack referred to his friend and songwriting partner and lead guitarist Robby Lochner when discussing this track.  This semi-autobiographical track gives us a bit of insight to Russell’s mindset, but also the writing chops of Lochner.  Many of the songs on this disc benefit from interjected keyboards and a second guitar sound, both compliments of Russell’s long-time friend and bandmate Tony Montana. “Spy Vs Spy” gives the guitars a lot of room to run, especially through the riff filled intro.  The rest of the band jumps into the fray and we are off and running with a cadence and tempo that seems a bit rushed compared to other songs on the disc.  The chorus is thick with layered vocals that build the sound and feel of the track.  One of the most interesting tracks on the disc is the closer “Godspeed.”  This entirely a capella track allows us to enjoy Russell’s voice in its purest form.  The layered vocals providing the backdrop for the song are spot on and add pop to the songs delivery.  Don’t get the wrong idea – Jack and his band aren’t selling out… they are just beginning to peel back the layers to reveal killer songs regardless of how they may fit into preconceived molds or genres.  Get your hands on this disc and get familiar with some new Great White classics…

Band: Jack Russell (Vocals) – Tony Montana (Guitar, Keyboards) – Robby Lochner (Guitar) – Dan McNay (Bass) – Dicki Fliszar (Drums)

Tracklisting: Sign Of The Times – She Moves Me – Crazy – Love Don’t Live Here – My Addiction – Anything For You – He Saw It Coming – Don’t Let Me Go – Spy Vs Spy – Blame It On The Night – Godspeed






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