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CD REVIEW: GHOST SEASON – Like Stars In A Neon Sky

| 28 February 2017 | Reply


Label: Pavement Entertainment

Release Date: January 27, 2017

Rating: 8/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

The latest from rockers Ghost Season is their third release, and this disc is full of rockers that should appeal to just about everybody that listens to modern rock radio.  Opening track “The Reckoning” is an odd and mostly instrumental track that sets the pace for the first rocker to hit the disc, but this also gives you a little insight to the mindset of the band.  “Sons Of Yesterday” gets the blood pumping and the head banging with guitars that come straight at you while the rhythm section sets a killer pace that shifts between the verse and chorus, but keeps the song moving underneath the vocals.  “Break My Chains” is a bottom heavy rocker that shifts the direction of the disc musically without totally changing the feel or sound of the band.  The bass works to give the song depth while the guitars and vocals work together in the mix.  Another different track is the introductory “The Highway Part I” and this song unfolds slowly leading us into the heavier and fuller Part II.  “The Highway Part II” is a chugging rocker that brings a solid tempo and cadence that gives disc a fluid track that swings into different territory at the bridges.  The real star of this show is the duet between the guitars and bass that pull together from open to close.  “The Mirror” highlights the guitars from first note to last, but not without full support of pounding drums and chugging bass work that keeps the song from running away with itself.  The vocals jump into the fray and the song takes on a different vibe at the chorus, but still allows the band to shine as the song progresses.

“Fade Away” starts off with a fun bassline that drones on throughout the track, giving the disc a firm foundation.  The chugging riffs that build through the intro and into the verse.  The song seems to get a kick in the head from the solid vocals that seem to breathe life into the song, especially with the different textured vocals on the chorus.  “War Of Voices” swings the mood and sound of the disc back into mainstream rock radio territory.  With guitars that take the lead and allow the rhythm section to follow along, this song gives way to vocals that are a bit lower in the mix, but help control the flow of the track as it moves between the verses, choruses, and bridge.  “Just A Lie” is a cool song that has a slightly different feel that fits within the other songs on the disc, but just has a slightly different groove.  The guitars on the breakdown are light and complement the heavy handed bass lines and solid drumming.  The vocals dance lightly in mix over the verses and grow in intensity on the chorus.  “The Vampire” is a personal favorite that seems to tie together the various vibes and grooves from the other tracks and gives us one song that highlights each of the band members without taking away from each other, the mood of the track, or the rhythm of the disc.  “Of Hearts And Shadows” is a beautiful song that shows off a softer side of the band lyrically and sonically without giving up the edge that band has created on each song leading up to this one.  The vocals are earthy and fit well with the melodic guitars and solid bass.  Disc closer “Break Me Shake Me” is a contagious track that benefits from emotionally charged lyrics that are perfectly delivered, guitars that chug, ping, and squeal, and a bottom end from the bass and drums that rivals any track on this disc.  This track was built to be played live and should rally any crowd with fists in the air and heads banging.

Band: Hercules Zotos (vocals) – Nick Christolis (guitars) – Dorian Gates (bass) – Helen Nota (drums)

Tracklisting: The Reckoning – Sons Of Yesterday – Fade Away – Break My Chains – War Of Voices – The Highway Part I – The Highway Part II – Just A Lie – The Vampire – The Mirror – Of Hearts And Shadows – Break Me Shake Me






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