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BOOK REVIEW: Doctor Who – Dot-to-Doc illustrated by Gary Joynes

| 23 December 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: Doctor Who – Dot-to-Doc illustrated by Gary Joynes

Penguin UK
October 2016
Paperback, $24.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Activity Book / Dot-to-Dot



For those of us who are too neurotic to really enjoy the adult colouring books which have enjoyed such a surge over the last 12-18 months, a join the dots option can be just what the Doctor ordered! (Okay, I’m sorry. This Doctor Who dot-to-dot book just has me in a good mood!)

Problems I have faced when it comes to adult colouring books include:

  • Worrying I have the right colour, because once you choose the first colour, you’ve set the tone for the entire image, and if you choose the WRONG first colour… oh boy!
  • Not having colouring pencils to hand, being a “grown-up” and all, and always forgetting to pick some up, hence delaying the supposed therapeutic colouring-in fun times (or subsequent neurotic stressing over choosing the right colour).
  • Getting a sore hand. My grown-up hands just aren’t in the habit of colouring in, anymore, and hand-cramps are usually pretty quickly forthcoming. 

Inevitably I still end up buying a few of them, and never get around to using them because of aforementioned reasons.


So why is a dot-to-dot book so much better?

  • Here you have the therapeutic benefit of a book that engages you enough to take your mind off the every day and offer something of a reboot.
  • You just need a pen, no special pencils required for this grown-up activity book.
  • The activity is challenging, with numbers reaching up into the thousands, but without you having to worry that you’re “doing it wrong” (unless you forget how to count).


A must have for any Doctor Who fan, and a nice step away from the adult colouring books without having to give up your love of books in the things-we-enjoyed-as-kids-now-reinvented-so-we-can-be-nostalgic-but-not-childish range. Highly recommended.


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