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BOOK REVIEW: A Babble of Words – A-Z of Collective Nouns by Adam Oehlers

| 30 November 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: A Babble of Words – A-Z of Collective Nouns by Adam Oehlers

Brolga Publishing
October 2016
Paperback, $15.99
Reviewed by Steph O’Connell

Picture Book



All things that surround us
Are attached to a name
To separate the different
And attach to the same.

But when attached to the same
This adds to its name
for a group of the same
Is something different again.

The things you will see
Called ‘Collective nouns’,
Will name groups in the air
To groups underground.

Not always expected
and often absurd,
Come get yourself lost
In this ‘Babble of Words’.

From an Army of Aardvarks all the way through to a Zeal of Zebras, this book explores the fun of collective nouns, in a style that will appeal to readers being introduced to collective nouns for the first time, as well as lover and “collectors” of collective nouns.

Each collective noun is given a one to two page spread, paired with images that are somewhat reminiscent of images one might find in a Graeme Base book. 

The overall product has a wonderful, very “bookish” feel to it, making it the perfect title to grace the shelf of any word nerd – whether they be three or thirty-three.

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