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CD REVIEW: TAKIDA – A Perfect World

| 26 October 2016 | Reply


Label: The End Records

Release Date: October 21, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

A lot of music becomes white noise during tax season and others stand out and get played to keep the work flowing and the stress at bay.  One of those discs this year is the latest from Swedish rockers tAKiDA.  This infectious disc is full of great tracks sure to please most rockers.  The disc opens with “Don’t Wait Up” and instantly we get an idea of what this band is all about – bid melodies, solid playing, and killer vocals.  The song draws you in with steady guitars from Tomas Wallin and Mattias Larsson and a groove-filled chorus.  The tempo is great and gets the foot tapping instantly.  “Flowerchild (The Beauty Of Stray)” follows and shifts gears with a piano-led intro that morphs slightly at the verse when Robert Pettersson brings an emotionally driven vocal to the mix.  The guitars and rhythm section join in and we are off and running.  “Skid Row” comes flying out of the gate at you once the first riff winds down.  The heavy bottom end, compliments of bassist Fredrik Pålsson and drummer Kristoffer Söderström keeps this song interesting, even when it slows a bit at the chorus.  “Don’t Forget About Me” comes to life slowly, but once the chorus hits it stride, we are treated to a beautiful ballad that ties together different sounds and vibes from the disc without getting too rock and roll.  “My Dove” is a cool track that features a great piano interlude, but also gives the vocals a bit of room to run.  The song gets a bit of punch from the band near the bridge, including some interesting guitar work that shows a different side of Larsson and Wallin.  Closing out the disc is the piano-driven track “High.”  The strength of this song is its simplicity and a chorus that grabs your attention.  The vocal is as strong as any other on the disc, as are all of the musical nuances that create the mood that complements the lyric.

“I’ll Find My Way Home” unfolds with a cool guitar-led intro that gives Pettersson’s vocals the perfect landscape to run across.  This song, while a bit subdued compared to others on the disc is just as strong, especially when the chorus kicks in with the bass and drums keeping the song flowing underneath the guitars.  “Better” is a bit different in that is seems a little more pop-laden than most of the other tracks on the disc.  The chorus is catchy and the guitars from Wallin and Larsson add punch to the lighter shade of rock this song brings to the table.  “All Your Life (Haven Stay Part 2)” is an awesome rocker that picks up lyrically and stylistically where its namesake, 2011’s “Haven Stay” left off, while demonstrating the maturity and growth of the band over the last 5 years.  This is a killer track that features the best of what the band has to offer, creating one of my favorite tracks on the disc.  “Wild Eyes” has a cool riff and other supporting guitar work woven through its intro, thanks to the twin guitar attack the band delivers.  The feel of this song is a bit different, but once the vocals kick in and the rhythm section of Söderström and Pålsson bring their solid punch to the track, keeping it anchored, even when it seems destined to fly at the chorus.  “Run To The Water” is another ballad that showcases a bit softer side of the band, without getting to mellow or sappy.  The chugging riffs hidden in the mix give the song stability and the percussion fills at the chorus are a cool touch.

Tracklisting: Don’t Wait Up – Flowerchild (The Beauty Of Stray) – I’ll Find My Way Home – Skid Row – Better – Don’t Forget About Me – All Your Life (Haven Stay Part 2) – My Dove – Wild Eyes – Run To The Water – High






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