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| 5 October 2016 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: September 23, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I dug RavenEye’s last release, a rocking EP that tool me by surprise, so I welcomed the latest release from the trio with open arms… and I am not disappointed with this eleven track rocker.

Disc opener “Wanna Feel You” kicks the disc off on a melancholic-styled trip that brings to mind bands from the late 90’s like Soundgarden, which in my mind is a great thing.  The guitar work is great, without having million note solos or blaring riffs.  “Come With Me” gets the blood pumping and the foot tapping with a great tempo and contribution from the rhythm section that anchors the track without weighing it down.  The vocals are perfectly matched to the guitars on the song and in the mix.  “Hero” unfolds with a different sound than other songs on the disc, but the heavy handed drumming is consistent and keeps the various tracks tied together.  The vocals are thick at the chorus and take on a different feel at the verse, but stay within the groove of the other songs on the disc.  “Walls” is a punchy track that benefits from a thumping bass line and pounding drums that lead the charge and seem to drag the guitars along for the ride, while the vocals decorate the musical landscape.  “Madeline” is a tempo driven track that gets the head banging, but in a cool laid back rock style, not a thrasher rock pace.  The chorus is tight and shows off a different side of the vocals than we have heard to this point.  Disc closer “Eternity” is the longest track on the disc and for good reason.  This song brings together the different textures from the various tracks and marries them in one song.  The mellow acoustic guitar paired with the emotionally delivered lyrics adds to the songs feel.  Some may prefer to go out with a bang – and these guys have done that, without turning the tempo up to 11.  This is easily one of the best tracks on the disc and prompts you to kick it to the beginning for another spin through.

“Inside” is a fun rocker that delivers more great tempo-driven rock, while the chugging riffs and vocals swirl in the mix giving the song a bit of punch, especially as the verse shifts to chorus and back again.  The sort-of title track “Supernova” opens carefully and slowly, with fuzzy guitars congregating under the vocals while the bass and drums slowly twist their sound into the mix.  The song grows in intensity at the chorus and there is no looking back after that.  While not as fast or heavy as other tracks on the disc, this one stands out and grabs me every time through the tracks.  “Oh My Love” brings us back to the energy and emotion of the opening track, with some great fuzzed-out blues licks tossed in for good great measure…  This song oozes a heavy groove and gets better through the choruses and bridge.  “Hate” is a killer track that lets us enjoy the vocals, guitars, bass, and drums as individual components of the song, disc, and band, but also gives us a demonstration of how well they come together and gel perfectly.  This is a bit heavier than other tracks on the disc, but it works.  “Out Of The Rain” is another heavy track that leans toward the bands obvious influences of the late 90’s.  The drumming on this song is killer and drives the track from open to close.  The bass helps keep this rooted when the vocals seem to soar at the bridge and chorus.

Tracklisting: Wanna Feel You – Come With Me – Inside – Hero – Supernova – Walls – Oh My Love – Madeline – Hate – Out Of The Rain – Eternity






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