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| 28 October 2016 | Reply


Hachette Australia 
August 2016
Hardcover, $39.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar




The Palomar Restaurant opened its doors in London’s Soho in 2014, and its modern take on food from Jerusalem, influenced by Spanish, North African and The Levant cuisines, was an immediate hit.

From cured lemons to tapenade and labneh, velvet tomato dip to meze of chick peas with spinach and yoghurt, a pumpkin puree called tirshi and Moroccan oysters, even the basics and starters are amazing and exotic.

With everything photographed simply but with love, The Palomar Cookbook is positively mouthwatering to read and look at, and absolutely exciting when we get into the details of the food itself.

No mere regurgitation of the traditional, this is decidedly modern-day cuisine.

Sashimi Uri style sees salmon and tuna matched with radish, apple and coriander alongside cured onions and a pickled ginger vinaigrette. This is electricity, food style. Simple but inspired, clean on the palate and gorgeous to look at.

There are detailed explanations on curing your own sardines and anchovies, and every kind of meat gets a look in, from Ribeye with harissa mash and chimichwai, chicken thighs in green olive and tomato sauce, to Lamb’s tongues with tirshi, spinach & pak choi, Veal brain with peppers & chickpeas, and Beetroot filled with minced lamb.

Vegetarians will be in seventh heaven as well, with Cauliflower steak with Labneh and grated tomatoes just one offering for them.

An extensive section on desserts (Orange blossom ice cream in kataifi nests, a divine looking Honey cake, and even an Earl Grey chocolate fondue) and cocktails rounds out this lavish collection, which is sure to provide plenty of exciting new tricks for you to spring on the family or friends at your next special occasion.

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