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CD REVIEW: STEVE PORCARO – Someday / Somehow

| 3 September 2016 | Reply


Label: Porcara Musica

Release Date: June 10, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s always strange to hear a solo CD from an artist that is so aligned with a certain band and sound.  To know that some of the tracks on the disc are more than 30 years old makes this disc even more of a must listen for fans of Steve Porcaro and Toto, as a gem or two actually originated as tracks for that band as early as 1983.  The very personal “Ready Or Not” kicks the disc off and there is no denying the influence Porcaro has played in the Toto sound over the years.  The song, while written for and about his children, this song also features his late brother Mike on bass, helping to anchor the track.  “Loved By A Fool” follows and the song has a different vibe and sound than the opener, but seems to fit within the fabric of the disc, thanks to the synthesizers and vocals provided by Porcaro, as well as the percussion of Lenny Castro.  “Swing Street” is the first track on the disc to not feature Porcaro on lead vocals, when Michael McDonald lends his voice to the composition.  The track is another that features brother Mike, but also Toto guitarist Steve Lukather, giving it a familiar feel without sounding like a Toto song.  “Back To You” is one of the oldest tracks on the collection and smacks of the Toto sound, as this was originally worked up in 1983 with the Porcaro brothers – Steve, Mike, and drummer Jeff all playing their respective parts on the disc with Steve also contributing vocals.  “To No One” is a simpler song that draws you in thanks to the acoustic guitar from Jimmy Haun that played steadily underneath Steve’s vocals.  The jagged rhythm of the verse gives this song a different feel than other tracks.  “She’s The One” has a beautiful piano interlude that plays underneath the mix, and features both searing and chugging riffs from Lukather.  The guitars and synthesizer build to a crescendo and duet beautifully at the bridge.  “Painting By Numbers” features Toto member Mabvuto Carpenter alongside Porcaro and Lukather on a song that opens like many Toto classic ballads, but takes on a life of its own when Carpenter takes us from verse to chorus.

“Someday / Somehow” is another song that seems diverse in its sound, but falls in line with other songs on the collection.  Steve’s vocals are perfectly crafted to deliver the emotionally charged lyrics.  While a bit mellow compared to a lot of the material on the disc, it fits and is one of the better tracks on the disc, thanks to its simple arrangement.  “She’s So Shy” is a sweet ballad that features Jamie Kimmett on lead vocals.  The layered vocals add punch to the track at the chorus, but the song seems to come to life at the bridge, thanks to the synth sound played by Porcaro.  “Face Of A Girl” sees Kimmett return on lead vocals and Mike Porcaro on bass.  The synthesizers on the track build the ethereal feel of the track from open to close and give the song its emotional edge.  The chorus is catchy and a perfect complement to the verse and bridge.  “Makeup” is another track that seems to pull from the Porcaro history book.  The opening of the track, including the first verse has a very Michael Jackson “Human Nature” feel to it, as if this were either part of the songs origins, heavily influenced by it, or written around the same time.  This song also features Michael Sherwood on lead vocals.  “Night Of Our Own” marries the soulful vocals of McDonald, the emotional songwriting of Porcaro, and the guitar finesse of Lukather on a killer ballad that could just as easily have been a big hit for Toto as it is a standout piece on this solo disc.  The chorus is catchy and the songs tempo gets the foot tapping.  Disc closer “More Than I Can Take” gives Porcaro the spotlight as this track features him solo on vocals and piano.  Steve’s vocals are rich and perfectly suited for the songs musical accompaniment and perfectly deliver the lyrics he constructed.  We can only hope there is more music bouncing around in the head and heart of Porcaro that we don’t have to wait too long for a follow-up disc…

Tracklisting: Ready Or Not – Loved By A Fool – Someday / Somehow – Swing Street – She’s So Shy – Back To You – Face Of A Girl – To No One – Makeup – She’s The One – Night Of Our Own – Painting By Numbers – More Than I Can Take






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