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BOOK REVIEW: The Super Lettering Book

| 19 September 2016 | Reply

BOOK REVIEW: The Super Lettering Book
Hardie Grant Egmont
September 2016
Paperback, $19.99
Reviewed by Shane Pinnegar




“Think you know how to write the alphabet? We’ll teach you how to DRAW it!”

Jam packed with ultra-creative lettering alphabets of every style and hue, as well as a wealth of stencils to get kids (big and small) drawing creatively, The Super Lettering Book may seem redundant in this age of digital overload – but there will never be any improvement on being able to hand-draw creatively.

This is the perfect starting point for kids who like to doodle, who have a spark of creativity inside (and don’t doubt it – every single one of us does, quadruply so when we’re young), and who need a bit of nurturing to bring that out.

It’s not just about drawing block letters, or fancy lettering shapes either. There are many lessons herein which are easily applicable to more academic subjects – planning your work, formatting neatly, using different tools such as a variety of pencils, rulers, compasses, the importance of erasers – as well as the simple benefit of getting kids to fire up the synapses and start thinking creatively about ANYTHING.

The Super Lettering Book goes into detail about shading to add dimension; using lettering to inspire, and being inspirational with letters; puts ideas about how to put different lettering into poster format with additional characters and shapes around them to further add into the meaning of the words – streamers and stars around the words ‘Party on’, for instance; compares formal lettering with street art and lettering just for fun; and a whole lot more.

It’s heaps of fun and opens up a world of activities they may never have thought about on their own – especially if staring at a screen too much.

Whether it’s as a hand-eye co-ordination lesson, an exercise in colour, an art project or just for fun, The Super Lettering Book has it all, and is a wonderful source of inspiration for any child.

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