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CD REVIEW: TIFFANY – A Million Miles

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Label: Tiffany / Only The Girl, Inc.

Release Date: March 31, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Tiffany.  That Tiffany?  Yep – THAT Tiffany.  No longer is Tiffany Darwish the teen sensation recording poppy teen fodder – as she matured, so did her music.  After growing up and experiencing life, she crafted two albums that I still listen to today – 2000’s The Color Of Silence and 2007’s Just Me.  Taking things a little further and getting more personal and introspective, Tiffany released a disc of new tracks that I had high hopes for.  Disc opener “Cry” kicks off with a cool groove that marries pop sensibility, a bit of a funk in the bass line, some dance vibe as the chorus nears, and a big and bold vocal that carries the track from open to close.  There is no doubt she has retained the big voice, but has learned to control and steer her vocals.  “History” slows things down a bit, but delivers a beautiful vocal supported by a simple, yet powerful piano interlude on the opening verse.  The songs lyrics are perfectly accentuated by Tiffany’s strong vocals.  “Fall Again” is a song ripped right from the singer / songwriters heart, as this deals with a family members struggle with addition.  The combination of piano and guitar underneath the vocals is a great match, while the songs intensity grows when the drums kick in.  “Daddy’s Girl” is a beautiful track that features more piano and Tiffany’s emotive vocals, but slows the disc down to allow you to absorb and bask in the strength of the lyrics.  “Get Over You” is a cool track that marries piano, vocals, and some fun guitar work and tosses in a catchy chorus that should go over well in a live setting.  If you want to hear some of the best vocals on the disc, listen no further, as Tiffany really delivers on this song.

Title track “A Million Miles Away” unfolds with a cool piano piece that is soon joined by Tiffany with an emotionally driven vocal and lyric.  The use of strings / keyboards add punch and depth to the song, without changing the mellow tempo or strength of the track.  “Right Here” takes me back to Tiffany’s earlier releases, as her vocals bring a youthful sound and emotion, without getting syrupy or poppy.  While the lyrics are reflective of her relationship with fans, friends, and family that have been with her “the whole time”, they spoke to me of my appreciation to my wife that has been “loving me right the whole time.”  “Waking Up For The First Time” is another song that  brings a great groove and vibe to the disc.  The sound and power of Tiffany’s vocals grows slowly through the verse and explodes on the driving chorus.  While a bit more dance and pop than other songs on the disc, don’t get your scrunchy socks, jelly bracelets, and acid washed jean jacket out – this is Tiffany showing a bit of where she came from, a bit of where she is, and hopefully a lot of where she is headed.  “Lady & Her Man” starts off with an acoustic guitar and blossoms from there when the vocals saunter into the mix and the two mingle like a couple on a dance floor.  The musical accompaniment is a perfect support and is well-suited for the lyric content.  Disc closer “Tears” has an almost melancholic feel to it, but don’t be mistaken – this is a very introspective track that neatly wraps different feelings and emotions together without bringing the feel of the disc down.  The magic of this disc is in the flashes of Tiffany through the more mature lyrics and music.  While she has grown and moved on, she has embraced where she came from and it has helped mold her as an artist.

Tracklisting: Cry – History – A Million Miles Away – Fall Again – Right Here – Daddy’s Girl – Waking Up For The First Time – Get Over You – Lady & Her Man – Tears






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