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CD REVIEW: KISSIN’ DYNAMITE – Generation Goodbye

| 22 July 2016 | Reply


Label: AFM Records

Release Date: July 22, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

It’s always fun to discover a new band that has come across your desk or computer previously, but didn’t grab your attention.  Kissin’ Dynamite definitely grabbed my attention with their latest release, Generation Goodbye.  Disc opener and title track “Generation Goodbye” is a solid rocker that opens with a tribal rhythm section and cool guitar riffs that  are soon joined by rock vocals that build through the verse into the chorus, creating a wall of sound that gets the head banging.  “Hashtag Your Life” is a moodier rocker that tackles the idea of how our lives have become about the here and now and how society seems to be living vicariously through their smart devices.  The chugging riffs add punch to the sentiment of the lyrics, which are very anthemic at the chorus.  “Somebody To Hate” is a heavier track that allows the drums and bass to lead the charge while guitars ping and squeal in the back ground during the opening.  The chorus is catchy and should go over well live.  “Highlight Zone” is a straight ahead rocker that dials up the tempo a bit with charging guitars and heavy handed drumming.  The vocals add punch to the songs intensity.  “Flying Colours” is a rhythmic track that builds itself around a pounding bass line, heavy handed drum fills, and a big sound from the guitars.  The song shifts gears and seems to grow at the chorus, which is the most contagious on the disc.  “Larger Than Life” gets the foot tapping and head banging instantly, but the magic is in the chugging riffs that blend with soaring leads and solos.  The chorus is hook-filled and should keep your attention.

“If Clocks Were Running Backwards” helps the disc shift gears musically and lyrically.  The song delivers a solid power ballad that tears at the heart, if you really pay attention to the lyrics.  While milder than a lot of the tracks on the disc, the blend of guitars, vocals, and bottom end rise to the top on what is my favorite track on the release.  “She Came She Saw” is a cool track that brings together different facets of the various tracks on the disc, lending itself to a very rhythmic groove thanks to the drums, bass, and chugging riffs that come together under solid vocals.  The chorus helps tie the track together and align it with other tracks on the disc.  “Masterpiece” opens beautifully highlighting the vocals, even after the entire band joins in and builds the feel of the track.  When a female vocal joins the fray on the second verse, we are treated to a contrast in sound that builds at the second chorus.  “Under Friendly Fire” comes full circle and takes us back to a heavier groove the disc kicked off, without sounding repetitive.  The shift in guitar sounds between the intro, verse, and chorus showcases the different textures played throughout the disc.  “Utopia” closes the disc with a mellow, yet majestic sounding track.  The combination of guitars, drums, and bass underneath the vocals creates a different sound than heard previously on the disc, but it works on this release.

Tracklisting: Generation Goodbye – Hashtag Your Life – If Clocks Were Running Backwards – Somebody To Hate – She Came She Saw – Highlight Zone – Masterpiece – Flying Colours – Under Friendly Fire – Larger Than Life – Utopia






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