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Label: Mailboat Records

Release Date: June 3, 2016

Rating: 10/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Super group is a term thrown around so casually these days, but what happens when two powerhouses join forces – AGAIN?  You get the super duo Reunion of Whitford St. Holmes – Aerosmith’s Brad Whitford and Ted Nugent’s Derek St. Holmes.  While on hiatus from their “day jobs”, these two came together and recorded nine killer tracks that are already in contention for my disc of the year.  Opener “Shapes” is a straight ahead rocker that merges the blues swagger of St. Holmes voice and the rocking guitars of Whitford in a perfect storm.  The song chugs along through the verse, while the chorus seems to take on a life of its own and sets the bar for the rest of the disc.  “Tender Is The Night” slows the tempo, but seems to increase the energy.  The guitar work on this track is so crisp and clean, it draws you in underneath Derek’s phenomenal emotionally driven vocals.  While leaning toward ballad, this is one of my favorite tracks on the disc – thanks to the guitar solo Brad throws in at the bridge.  “Hot For You” is a smoky track that brings together some of the best of St. Holmes’ vocals and Whitford’s smoking leads and all around strumming.  The tempo of the track is charging and steady, perfectly leading the song from start to finish.  The swirl of vocals, piano, and guitar at the bridge take this song over the top.  “Catch My Fall” is another favorite on this disc.  The simple approach of the track is carried by the solid rhythm section and cool layered background vocals on the bridge.  The vocals and guitars accentuate each other, creating an awesome duet-like song that takes over and leads the way for the second half of the disc.  “Gotta Keep On Movin'” comes along and brings a fun guitar riff from Whitford that weaves itself into the verse, morphs slightly as the song progresses, and adds punch underneath St. Holmes’ soulful vocals.

“Rock All Day” is all rock and all roll, with great guitar work on the intro that couples with searing vocals on the opening verse and grows intensity through the chorus and doesn’t look back.  I dare you to keep your foot from tapping along on this fun rocker.  “Hell Is On Fire” opens with a throwback Aerosmith song, but soon the Whitford St. Holmes vibe takes over and the song is off and running.  Derek leads the charges with vocals that reach into his upper register – and he delivers.  The guitars in the mix are a cool blend of rocking lead, steady rhythm, and even some smoldering bluesy slide-like riffs.  Leaning back into a 1970’s groove, “Shake It” comes along and rocks this disc with a different texture than other songs on the disc, but within the sound and parameters of the rest of the disc.  This great track shows not only where these two have been as performers and writers, but where they are now, demonstrating how well vintage merges with modern.  Disc closer “Flood Of Lies” opens with a smokier and heavier groove than any other track on the collection.  The chorus picks up when Derek and Brad show flashes of what makes them great individually.  St. Holmes’ vocals on the second chorus and Whitford’s lead on the bridges are a great one-two punch in the middle of the track.  I cannot wait to hear which of these killer tracks the guys add to their setlist when they open for Whitesnake on their upcoming tour – do yourself a favor and go hear these two reunite on a stage near you.

Tracklisting: Shapes – Tender Is The Night – Rock All Day – Hot For You – Hell Is On Fire – Catch My Fall – Shake It – Gotta Keep On Movin’ – Flood Of Lies






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