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Label: Metal Blade Records

Release Date: May 13, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

New to the scene and new to me, Mother Feather have put together a catchy 10-track debut that has been a consistent go to since I was able to get my hands on the release.  Disc opener “Living, Breathing” is a fun track that swirls a punk vibe and rock groove as well as pop sensibility.  The fuzzy guitars on this track grab your attention, as does the retro keyboard sound.  The chorus is contagious and gets the foot tapping.  “Mirror” opens with a killer chugging bass line that adds depth to the track as the guitars, drums, and vocals join the fray.  Ann Courtney shows off different textures of vocals on the track, making this vocally one of the stronger songs on the disc.  “Trampoline” is one of the catchiest tracks on the disc, and sounds as if it has been ripped from Prince’s playbook, both musically and lyrically.  Chris Foley’s guitar sound is fun and light through the verses and into each chorus.  The lyrics are an awesome play on words that will put a smile on your face.  The bridge takes on a funky disco styled feel that adds to the songs fun quotient.  “747” opens with a cool guitar riff that builds in intensity while the rhythm section anchored by bassist Matt Basile swirls its sound around the six-string, especially at the chorus.  The vocals are a bit out of left-field, as are the lyrics.  “The Power” draws its strength from Foley’s guitars and the lower registers of Courtney’s vocals.  The song seems to be a bit darker and heavy in mood and temperament than some of the other tracks, but shifts to a catchy pop vibe at the chorus.

“Natural Disaster” is a cool rock track that keeps a mellow tempo in place, even when Gunnar Olsen’s drums seem to be heavy handed.  The chugging groove of the track is very rhythmic and gets the head banging and foot tapping.  A lot of bands have self-titled albums, but not many take the leap and have a track on one of their releases named after the band (or vice versa).  “Mother Feather” has a very tribal rhythm underneath the guitars and vocals, but brings a garage / punk percussion sound to the chorus as well as a diverse vocal from Courtney.  “Beach House” opens with the bass, drums, and a keyboard-based siren but quickly morphs into a bottom-end driven track that features a cool layered vocal from Ann and keyboardist Elizabeth Carena.  The driving drums and bass control the tempo while the guitars and keyboards simply come along for the ride, except at the chorus and bridge where the guitar jumps up in the mix.  “They Tore Down The SK8 Park” is an interesting track that comes off more melancholic than any other song on the disc.  The vibe of the music is a perfect match for the lyrics that seem very out of place on this disc when paired with the other nine tracks.  Closer “Egyptology” has a driving guitar riff that runs from open to close and a full drum sound, which shifts from cymbals and fills to a pounding heavier sound.  The bass and keyboards add to the songs vibe, while the vocals showcase the different sounds and textures from the other songs and ties the songs together.  The guitars, drums, and bass work together to close out the track on the right tone.  This isn’t the normal fare from Metal Blades Records, but the vibe and tone of Mother Feather’s debut certainly embodies the spirit of the label.

Tracklisting: Living, Breathing – Mirror – Natural Disaster – Trampoline – Mother Feather – 747 – Beach House – The Power – They Tore Down The SK8 Park – Egyptology






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