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| 11 February 2016 | Reply


Label: HighVol Music

Release Date: December 13, 2015

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

Melodic rockers Radio Exile holed up, recorded ten tracks, and recently unleashed their debut disc on the world.  “High Road, High Price” opens the disc and from the opening, there is no immediate indication of the discs direction.  The guitars and drums drone along until the rest of the band joins in at the verse and the vocals are unleashed on the track.  The tip of the iceberg is exposed and soon the foot is tapping as the song flows from the speakers.  “Soulfire” follows and is a straight ahead rocker that lets the vocals and guitars take you on a journey.  The rhythm section is solid and builds the backbone of the track.  The bridge is interesting with an almost tribal groove and huge background vocals that lean more toward gospel than rock.  “Feels Like Home” is a mellower track that really showcases Chandler Mogel’s vocals and emotive power.  The keyboards and guitar that duet underneath the vocals draw you in and add to the songs ballad-like groove.  “Hang On” has a full sound that encompasses the different sounds from Charlie Calv’s keyboards and Jimmy Leahey’s guitars, as well as the vocals and develops into a cool melodic track.  “Down In A Hole” is a charging track that takes its lead from Dave Anthony’s drums and chugs along thanks to bass from Kenny Aaronson.  The vocals build at the chorus and seem to soar above the rest of the track.

“No Pity On The Highway” is a solid chugging rocker that kicks your ass from the first notes and only gets better from there.  Chandler’s vocals swirl perfectly with Leahey’s guitars and Calv’s keyboards, creating a solid track that is one of the best on the disc.  The heavy handed drumming and bass add depth to the song.  “Higher Than The Sun” has big vocals, melodic guitars, and a chugging rhythm section.  The chorus seems a big out of place and takes the track in a different direction than other songs on the disc, but it demonstrates the bands diversity.  “Starting Over” starts off sounding a bit dated – think 1970’s AOR – but soon shifts gears and takes on a different vibe than the other songs on the disc.  The vocals are cool, but the groove created by the bass and drums, along with the background vocals, makes this song a winner from top to bottom.  “A Cross On Stone” is a Journey-tinged ballad meets rocker that relies on the lofty lead vocal on the chorus and the tandem of guitars and keyboards.  The background vocals add to the depth of the chorus and bridge, while the bass and drums keep perfect time for more than seven minutes.  “Road To Exile” closes out the disc, and we are returned to the energy and drive that opened the collection more than 45 minutes prior.  The AOR heavy chorus and vocals are the stars here, while the rest of the band lend their support and keep this song moving down the melodic track these guys are helping to pave in 2016.

​​Tracklisting: High Road, High Price – Soulfire – No Pity On The Highway – Feels Like Home – Higher Than The Sun – Hang On – Starting Over – Down In A Hole – A Cross On Stone – Road To Exile






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