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| 5 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Frontiers Music srl

Release Date: January 29, 2016

Rating: 8.5/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

There is no shortage of quality metal being released in 2016.  The latest from Germany’s Primal Fear is the perfect example of heavy metal that should sit well with fans of European and American metal alike.  “Angels Of Mercy” opens the disc and you instantly know you are in for a fun rocking ride.  The guitars are searing and full of juicy pings and squeals, while the vocals soar and give the track wings, so to speak.  “The End Is Near” opens with pounding drums, heavy handed bass lines, and a chugging riff that draws you in and keeps you engaged.  Think Accept meets Five Finger Death Punch, with a higher octave vocal.  Title track “Rulebreaker” features thunderous drumming from Francesco Jovino and a blur of guitars that blend well with the gritty and raspy vocals of Ralf Scheepers.  A chugging riff carries us through the verse and into a cool chorus.  “We Walk Without Fear” starts off with an odd mellow musical interlude that soon morphs into a piece that allows different facets of the band and the different players to bleed through.  The heavy, yet melodic hand of Mat Sinner on bass shines through, while the guitars soar throughout the 10+ minutes.  “The Devil In Me” seems to drone along from open to close, but the different textures in the guitar work from Alex Beyrodt, Magnus Karlsson (who also contributes keyboard to the disc), and Tom Naumann.  Sinner’s bass is also a big addition to the mix.  Disc closer “Raving Mad” comes across with both barrels loads and guns blazing – wrapping up the disc, bringing together the different sounds, grooves, and parts of the disc together in one cool track.

“Bullets & Tears” takes a page from the Scorpions book of guitar work.  The opening riff has a classic sound and tone to it that is soon supported by great vocals and some killer work from the rhythm section, which anchors the track through the verse and chorus.  “In Metal We Trust” has a different feel and vibe from other tracks on the disc, due to its breakneck tempo and heavier feel on the bottom end.  The guitars are furious and add to the songs aggressive nature.  “At War With The World” is full of bombastic guitar work, compliments of Beyrodt, Karlsson, and Naumann.  The tempo of the track is fun and gets the blood flowing (note to self – add this to my running playlist).  Scheepers’ vocals are solid and help punctuate the strong chorus.  “Constant Heart” comes blazing across the speakers, from the killer riffs to the heavy bottom end and drums to the scream / howl that swirl together before a single word is uttered.  This is one of the songs from this disc that perfectly demonstrate that classic Primal Fear sound.  “The Sky Is Burning” is the ‘ballad’ of the disc, with acoustic guitars aplenty and a great melodic thread that weaves itself into the fabric of the song from open to close.  This is another side of Primal Fear that adds punch and power when needed, but stays true to the feel of the song without detracting from the rock vibe of the disc.

Tracklisting: Angels Of Mercy – The End Is Near – Bullets & Tears – Rulebreaker – In Metal We Trust – We Walk Without Fear – At War With The World – The Devil In Me – Constant Heart – The Sky Is Burning – Raving Mad






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