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| 11 February 2016 | Reply


Label: Wind-up Records

Release Date: February 12, 2016

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

I can’t say I had ever heard of Aunt Mary before I received a press release regarding their latest release.  When that release hit my mailbox, I tossed it into my CD player and was floored to find yet another band that fit into my musical wheelhouse.  “Slave Parade” opens the disc with a heavy riff full of guitar and plenty of heavy bottom end.  The bass and guitar drives the track through the introduction and into the verse, where the vocals join in and help create a cool bluesy rock track.  “Unconditional Love” is another blues driven track that blends a cool rock sound with some prog textures and more blues laden guitar parts.  The vocals are rich and give the song a full sound, especially at the chorus.  “Happily Ever After” brings Bjørn Kristiansen’s guitars to the party from the first note and the song intensifies when Glenn Lyse’s vocals add depth in tone and texture to the chorus.  “I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side” is a charging track that rips down the doors the instant music shoots from the speakers and keeps the tempo fast and furious, thanks to the thumping bass of Bernt Bodal and the guitars that chug along with the 4-string sound.  “Blind Date” digs in and leans heavily on the blues-rock feel of other tracks on the disc, but really shines thanks to the controlling bass sound and the chorus’ full and layered vocal sound.  Closing the disc is the odd track “Don’t Keep Me Waiting.” This song punchy guitars combine with cool drum fills and a bass line that can’t be described.  The vocals give this a big band sound, giving the band yet another track that demonstrates the diversity and talent of the band as writers and players.

“Hopelessly Lost” is a trippy rocker that pulls a prog sound and gives it a kick in the pants with heavy handed bass and drums that combine for a chugging rhythm sound that anchors the track, even when the guitars and vocals attempt to soar way above the track at the chorus.  “G Flat Road” showcases the fusion feel of Ole Tom Torjussen’s drums and Kristiansen’s guitars.  The feel of the song is very tribal, but comes together in a weird, yet cool prog fusion track that fits perfectly within the confines of this disc.  “Open Your Eyes” is a fun song that really shows off a different side of the band, lyrically, instrumentally, and emotionally.  The ballad nature of the track is felt through each strum of a guitar, each word uttered by Lyse, and every nuance of the keyboards supplied by Ola Aanje.  While mild in tone and cadence, this is one of the heavier tracks thanks to the shift in musical sound and direction.  “Been There, Done That” has a great anthemic feel to it at the chorus, while the verse is supported by a different guitar sound and feel than any other track on this collection.  The vocals, swirled with the swampy harmonica and bluesy guitar make this one of the better tracks on the disc and reason alone to buy New Dawn.  “Soldadera” is another track that seems to set itself apart from the rest of the disc with a different sound and feel, but stays within the parameters of the other songs.  The slower pace, along with the lower register of the vocals, gives this an ethereal feel that sticks around, even when Kristiansen’s guitars duet with keyboards during the bridge.

​​Tracklisting: Slave Parade – Unconditional Love – Hopelessly Lost – Happily Ever After – G Flat Road – I Was Born To Ride On The Wrong Side – Open Your Eyes – Blind Date – Been There, Done That – Soldadera – Don’t Keep Me Waiting




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