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CD REVIEW: WHEEL IN THE SKY – Heading For The Night

| 21 January 2016 | Reply


Label: The Sign Records

Release Date: December 11, 2015

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed by: Todd “Toddstar” Jolicoeur

What does psychedelic garage rock from Sweden sound like you ask?  When it is the band Wheel In The Sky, it sounds like fuzzed out garage rock swirled with The Cult and some attitude and edge thrown in for good measure.  Disc opener “Heading For The Night / Death To All” is the longest track on the disc, thanks to a melancholic opening instrumental that leads into a very Cult sounding track and vocal.  The guitars on this track are a bit fuzzy and a lot garage sounding, while the vocals enhance the tracks landscape.  “Jezebel” again takes on a cool vibe, much like the opening track.  The subdued production gives this track a demo feel, but the playing and vocals are top notch and keep the song flowing, even when the tempo and mood seem to slow to a crawl.  “Rainbow Of Evil” brings more guitar to the mix, but really gives the bass room to run in the mix and at various points throughout the track.  The drums keep the tempo anchored, even when the guitar riffs want to take flight at the bridge and chorus.  “Thrust In The Night” is all guitars during the intro, but stays on track thanks to a steady and solid rhythm section, as the bass and drums pound along with the chugging riffs.  The vocals are tight and well suited for the track.

“Total Eclipse Of The Brain” kicks off with cool drum fills and soaring riffs, which are soon joined by the vocals.  The vibe of this track is upbeat and seems to shift the cadence and groove of the disc, without changing the dynamic of the collection.  “Damn It All To Hell” is a heavier track in lyrical content, but you wouldn’t know it from the musical track.  The vocals are slightly different on this track in tone and mood than other songs, but you get hints of the Astbury-like quality during the chorus.  “A Turn For The Wicked” is a melodic piece that features a lighter vocal and a poppier feel to the guitars.  The drums add cool fills and time changes at the bridges and chorus.  The vocal draws you in and demonstrates a different texture in the bands sound.  Closer “God On High” is a fuzzed out track that gives the guitar and bass room to run during the opening, but is punctuated when the vocals and drums kick in at the verse.  The song brings a lot of what is right about other tracks and marries them in one piece, while adding new nuances and grooves the final track.  The real strength of this disc is the simplicity of the music, making this easily digestible and fun to listen to.

Tracklisting: Heading For The Night / Death To All – Jezebel – Total Eclipse Of The Brain – Rainbow Of Evil – Damn It All To Hell – Thrust In The Night – A Turn For The Wicked – God On High





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